Some forces against Plantashun Boiz reunion— Blackface

adfa blackface
adfa blackface

A singer, Augustine Ahmedu, aka Blackface Naija, has said that though many fans want him and members of his former group, Plantashun Boiz, to come back together to release new songs or stage a concert, some forces were hell bent on not letting that happen.

In an interview with , he said, “People have been talking about us (Plantashun Boiz) having a tour, but some people don’t want that to happen. They are the forces (powers) that be in this industry, and they don’t want that (reunion) to happen. They are trying to cancel the Plantashun Boiz name. However, they are failing.”

Speaking on his current projects, the controversial singer said, “I have an album titled, ‘Rising Sun 2’. I also recently released a single titled, ‘Enemy Planned Enemy Failed’. I am working on new materials as well.”

The singer also stated that he recently called out men who dressed as women because he felt they were misleading others. He said, “I feel men should dress like men. I was not referring to anybody in particular. The people I was talking about know themselves.

“I believe it is lawlessness and bad morals (that make people do whatever they like regardless of its ‘moral acceptance’). Many parents have failed, and those are the results we are seeing today. The way people behave will always reflect on society.”

Blackface also maintained that he won’t stop calling out artistes who ‘steal’ his songs if they don’t stop doing that. He added, “There are positive outcomes from the call outs, because one can see that they (artistes) are copying themselves now. They are starting to leave my music alone, and that is what I want. If they leave my music alone, I will be comfortable with that.”