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Rep asks Benue gov to reschedule prayers, offer good governance

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A member of the House of Representatives representing the Gwer West/Gwer East Federal Constituency, Austin Achado, has advised the Benue State Governor, Hyacinth Alia, to reschedule his prayer hours to attend to governance.

The lawmaker also called on the governor to always consult with stakeholders to seek input from a wide range of voices.

Achado said the future of the state and its people was the spirit behind the letter he sent to the governor, advising him to be more accessible to the electorates.

The lawmaker said, “I have also heard reports regarding your long hours of prayer sessions during the day, which have resulted in delayed or cancelled official engagements.

“While I understand and appreciate the importance of spiritual devotion, it is equally important to ensure that your duties as governor are carried out effectively and efficiently.

” I would advise you to consider shifting your well-intended long hours of prayer sessions to the night, allowing you to free up your daytime hours for official duties and engagements.

“This will help in ensuring that your responsibilities as governor are given the attention they deserve, while also honouring your well-intended personal beliefs and practices.”

Achado said that as governor, when making decisions, there is a need to always consult with relevant stakeholders, including party leadership at all levels.

He said,  “Consultation is the cornerstone of effective leadership, and by seeking input from a wide range of voices, you can be sure that your decisions are well-informed and have the support of the people they affect.

“This will also help in promoting transparency and inclusivity in governance, which are essential ingredients for building trust and cooperation among all stakeholders.”

The federal lawmaker also admonished the governor to demonstrate integrity in dealing with political leaders.

“Note also that honesty, fairness, and professionalism are key traits that can positively impact relationships with political leaders.

“Working collaboratively with political leaders to achieve common goals can help in maintaining support and cooperation and a shared vision for the future of the state, as well as unite political leaders and pave the way for the development of our dear state,” Achado said.

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