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Recycled polymer can be used to build houses – Operator

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speaks with the founder of Flex House Company, Atilio Bianchi, on the intricacies of innovation and its potential to transform the Nigerian construction landscape

The Flex House system is an innovative way of building house walls with integrated load-bearing structures. Instead of conventional brick walls, we introduce disposable form-work crafted from recycled polymer. This form-work is a transformative element. We pour lightened concrete, including the load-bearing structure, into this form-work, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding the structure from fire and high temperatures. This, in turn, significantly reduces the risk of structural collapse.

The Flex House system offers several notable advantages that distinguish it from traditional construction approaches. Certified by European laboratories, our walls exhibit exceptional fire resistance, enduring temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius for a minimum of four hours, surpassing even the melting point of steel.

Addressing the common challenge of humidity in Nigerian homes, our use of a lightened cement mix allows the house to breathe, creating a comfortable and humidity-free living environment. Moreover, Flex House excels in impact resistance, safeguarding homes against storms and strong winds by withstanding high-impact forces. This ensures protection from debris and flying objects during hurricanes or similar weather events.

Unlike many construction solutions that rely on imports, the Flex House system will be proudly made in Nigeria. We are committed to producing the system locally, protected by our Italian patent extension in Nigeria.

This decision not only reduces reliance on imports but also generates employment opportunities for Nigerian workers and technicians. In addition, by producing locally, we can lower production costs and almost eliminate transport costs, making our system even more competitive.

The decision to focus on the Nigerian market was not taken lightly. For several reasons, Nigeria stood out as the ideal destination for our Flex House system. First, I have extensive experience in Nigeria, having worked here for over 20 years, and I understand the market dynamics and the challenges that come with working in this dynamic country.

Furthermore, a comprehensive market analysis unveiled Nigeria’s substantial potential, even in the face of the existing economic challenges. The nation possesses abundant natural resources, oil reserves, water, and food, coupled with a highly intelligent population. This instills confidence that significant opportunities will unfold for everyone in the foreseeable future.

Currently, we are in the process of creating a dedicated website for Nigeria, collaborating with a local company based in Abuja.

To broaden our reach, we are gearing up for a comprehensive web advertising campaign. This, however, marks just the initial phase of our efforts. As the first construction projects take shape, we plan to host specialised events tailored for industry stakeholders, such as real estate developers, architects, and engineers.

The Flex House team envisions a broader impact beyond Nigeria. To revolutionise construction in West Africa, they plan to establish Nigeria as the manufacturing hub for the region. The company aims to distribute the Flex House system to other regional entities, provide lightened concrete for various applications, and invest in research and development for continuous improvement. Their clear vision is to create a sustainable and innovative construction industry that caters to the needs of Nigerians and other West Africans. The Flex House system positions Nigeria as the innovation hub West Africa has been anticipating.

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