IWD: FG, states should sponsor science programmes for women

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fcac expert x

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, the founder of Whiskey Mistress, Donkey Technologies, and the ticketing platform, Nairatix, Adenike  Adeeko, stressed the need for government at all levels to sponsor science programmes for more women.

According to her, this will further expose more women to the technology market.

According to a statement made available to our correspondent in Abuja, Adeeko noted that the theme for the 2023 IWD  “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” would go a long way in exposing women to the market thereby further improving their skills in technology and availing them more opportunities.

According to her, women should believe that they could venture into Science, Technology, Engineering, and most importantly Information technology, and Communication.

She said, “Those courses are not reserved for men. Women and girls should believe that with hard work, they can break any

barrier. Girls should have that confidence.

“Women should always be ready to mentor younger women, guide them and give back to the girls in secondary schools, in the university and be an inspirational story to them.”

Adenike Adeeko urged the government at all levels to sponsor more science programs and give more grants and equal opportunities to women.

She added that women should invest in themselves, and attain their desired goals despite the hurdles that society and nature place in their paths.

“I encourage women globally to pursue their dream; do not let your dream die by gender. You can have it all.

“Women should be ambitious, no one should limit you, the society should not limit you, put in much effort so you gain opportunities by merit.

“If you are in the right frame of mind, mentally stable, physically stable, you can pursue your dreams, ”Adeeko advised.