Iran to accept more Afghan female students

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Iran is planning to accept more female students from Afghanistan after Taliban ban on women’s education in the country, local news platform IRNA reported on Tuesday.

IRNA reported that Iran has increased Tehran University’s budget for scholarships to Afghan students fivefold.

An official from Tehran University said this would enable Iran to support more Afghan students, especially women, in 2023.

Currently, 470 Afghan students, nearly a quarter of them women, are studying at Tehran University.

More than half of these students have scholarships, the official added.

Following the Taliban’s closure of universities for Afghan female students, Iran announced that it was ready to provide special facilities for female Afghan students.

Women and girls were largely excluded from public life in Afghanistan.

Iran is also a Muslim country whose Islamic legislation is repeatedly criticised. Women in particular face systematic disadvantages in the Islamic Republic.

Iran has also come under international criticism for its brutal crackdown on nationwide protests, with women leading the unrest.

The Islamic Republic has a modern education and higher education system, and the majority of enrolled students in Iran are women.