Free yourself from mental slavery, ex-Edo attorney general Obayuwana tells Nigerian presidential candidates

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From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

Former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Edo State, Barr. Osagie Obayuwana, yesterday, called on Nigerian presidential candidates trooping to Chatham House in the United Kingdom (UK) to answer questions on what they will do for Nigerians if elected president, to free themselves from mental slavery.

He made the call when fielding questions from newsmen in Benin.

Obayuwana, who is the national president, Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), said Nigeria as a country, got her independence over 62 years ago (1960) yet does not want to free herself but derives pleasure in tying herself to the aprong string of the Britain, her colonial master.

“There is famous phrase credited to late Fela Anikulapo Kuti who said they have freed you but you don’t want to free yourself.

“You have been in prison, the gate is opened for you to assert your liberty and your independence, yet you remain in prison, mentally.

” I think that is what characterizes this pilgrimage to Chatham House.

“Yes, Chatham House, it is an outfit, an agency of the British Government attached to their foreign affairs office, it is nothing but subservient to colonial mentality”, he said.


Obayuwana said the presidential candidates who go to Chatham House, go there to beg for the British approval.

“The British are not voters in Nigeria. When they go to Chatham House even though  they are Nigerians in Britain, at best, those Nigerians will form part of the audience.

“The British are not voters in Nigeria , and those who go on pilgrimage to Chatham house are not going there to see Nigerians but to beg for approval and kind consideration of the British government.

” I think it is a vote of no confidence on our electoral process in Nigeria, candidates want to flaunt that (Chatham House) as additional qualifications that they have won approval of Britain Government, thinking it would enhance their chances of winning the election”

He decried that the candidates going to Chatham House are not courageous enough to accuse the British government of being responsible for the mess the citizens find themselves  in Nigeria and Africa continent.