BBTitans: Why Khosi walked out on Yemi Cregx

cae yemi craigz x
cae yemi craigz x

By Nehru Odeh

Ever since the BBTitans Season 1 started no other housemates have been giving fans content and vibes than the duo of Yemi Cregx and Khosi. Both housemates, who have been in a relationship right from the beginning, have been involved in one drama or the other.

The latest drama occured on Sunday 12 February when in the heat of an argument, Khosi walked out on Yemi. This happened few hours before the live eviction show.

Recall that the two housemates, Yemi and Khosi are up for eviction alongside their partners, Nelisa and Miracle OP respectively.

The way and manner Khosi walked out on Yemi was so dramatic in the sense that a minute earlier, the ostensibly infuriated Khosi had earlier walked out on Yemi. Yemi called her back, only for her to walk out on him again.

Khosi had been uncomfortable with Yemi’s relationship with Blue Aiva and had asked him to put a stop to that relationship several times.

However, Yemi has been very unequivocal about his determination to continue his affair with Blue Aiva. Several times, Khosi had caught him either kissing Blue or being with her in a position that leaves little to the imagination.

Khosi had threatened to end the relationship between her and Yemi, only for them to come together again. Recalled that she had given Yemi a five-hour ultimatum to stop his relationship with Blue Aiva.

Yemi himself is not comfortable with the way Khosi has been somewhat intimate with her partner Miracle P and Thabang. Yemi had once told Khosi that Miracle was just her partner for the show and not one she should have feelings for.


Yemi and Khosi have found themselves in a very complex situation, which could be likened to a triangle.

The truth is, Yemi has been taking Khosi for granted by being involved in another relationship with Blue Aiva, who fans regard as his side chick.

Blue Aiva herself knows she is just a side chick to Yemi. Perhaps that explains why she is extending her tentacles to BlaqBoi and Marvin and seeking love and affection from those housemates.

Yemi himself is to blame for the ignominious way Khosi walked out on him. And if he is not careful, he may end up losing Khosi and Blue Aiva as well as the confidence and love of his teeming fans.

There is no doubt that Khosi loves Yemi. If Khosi ever flirted with other housemates, he caused it in the first place. It was Yemi’s action that chased Khosi into the ready arms of other make housemates. Yemi is trying to play a kind of game, which Khosi is also playing with him.

Had Yemi stuck with Khosi from the outset, Khosi won’t have thought of being in a relationship with another housemate.

Yemi’s flirtatious.attitude and actions are not only the things making Khosi behave the way she does but are also the things chasing her away. But can the duo do without each other? That is a million dollar question.