Our after-sale service is strong and solid. It is our backbone. People want to be careful where they put their money at this time. Quality of products and strong after-sale support will stand you out. Only auto companies that can guarantee those things will remain in real business. They will not only retain their customers but also attract new customers through referrals from old customers.

The customers’ experience in after-sales matters at Toyota by CFAO.  We provide genuine Toyota spare parts and high-quality service.

At Toyota by CFAO, our after-sales’ experience is characterised by high-quality service, prompt turnaround times, and an overall commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer genuine Toyota spare parts and employ skilled technicians specifically trained by the manufacturer to maintain and repair Toyota vehicles, ensuring the longevity and performance of our customers’ cars.

You get real value for money and peace of mind by coming to us for maintenance and repair of your vehicle. Our technicians undergo specialised training, focusing on the intricacies of the Toyota brand. This expertise contributes significantly to the quality of service we provide, as our team is well-equipped to handle the unique specifications of Toyota vehicles, ensuring precision and reliability in every repair and maintenance service.

Customers visiting a Toyota by CFAO after-sales facility can expect top-notch service quality, quick turnaround times, and an overall positive experience. Our dedicated team is committed to providing efficient and reliable service, ensuring that customers leave our facilities satisfied with the level of care and attention their vehicles receive.

At Toyota by CFAO, we extend financing packages to customers through the corporate lease option provided by Loxea by CFAO. This financing package not only provides flexibility in payment structures but also aligns with the diverse financial needs of our customers, making high-quality and reliable Toyota vehicles within reach for a wider audience.  As a result, this service enhances affordability, promotes widespread vehicle ownership, and contributes to a more inclusive automotive experience for our valued customers.

From April 2023 till now, Toyota by CFAO has undergone a remarkable journey marked by notable achievements. We have successfully built a proficient team comprising skilled aftersales technicians, professional sales executives, and dedicated customer care personnel, all geared towards ensuring a seamless and redefined Toyota experience in Nigeria.

Our milestones include significant market penetration for a newcomer, active customer engagement, and enhanced operational efficiency. Throughout this journey, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and cultivating enduring customer relationships has been a driving force behind our success.

Toyota By CFAO Nigeria has been warmly embraced in the Nigerian market, leveraging the long-standing presence of CFAO in the country and the trusted reputation of Toyota globally.

However, the company hasn’t rested solely on these laurels. It has actively pursued strategies to ensure a positive reception. Emphasising exemplary service and customer satisfaction, Toyota by CFAO Nigeria goes beyond mere sales to deliver tailored solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs.

With direct access to Toyota and CFAO platforms, Toyota By CFAO Nigeria can tap into a diverse inventory of vehicles and offer customised solutions to Nigerian customers. We are able to respond swiftly to requests for specific models, ensuring a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

These efforts underscore Toyota by CFAO Nigeria’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the Nigerian market.

We provide what Toyota Motor Corporation has designed specifically for the Nigerian market as a distributor. To meet the diverse needs of our clientele, we offer an extensive selection of cars that include city, sedan, family, SUV Crossover, 4×4, pickup, bus, and light commercial models. We guarantee that there is a Toyota car for every lifestyle, and business need with our selection. This includes the newest models renowned for their safety, fuel economy and cutting-edge technology.

Our designation as an official distributor stems from our partnership with the CFAO Group, a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation. This affiliation grants us the rights to distribute, sell, maintain and repair Toyota authorised products in Nigeria. Furthermore, we have the authority to appoint agents, service centres and dealers to join our expansive distribution network. This association is significant as the CFAO Group boasts the largest automotive distribution network on the continent.

Notably, we play a pivotal role as a primary distributor of Toyota in 37 countries, highlighting our prominence and extensive presence in the region.

Our partnership with Toyota Tsusho Corporation remains strong and vibrant. This collaboration is integral to our operations, providing us with access to the latest technologies, product updates, and ensuring that we align with Toyota’s global standards.

This partnership reinforces the credibility of Toyota by CFAO as a reliable source for genuine Toyota products and services.

Toyota By CFAO is dedicated to customer satisfaction and product reliability. Our vehicle offerings are backed up with a three-year warranty, which can be extended for up to seven years showcasing our confidence in the durability and performance of Toyota vehicles. This commitment reflects our dedication to ensuring that our customers experience’s peace of mind and value in their vehicle ownership.

Toyota by CFAO stands out for its dedication to customers exceptional service, and surpassing expectations. Our emphasis on quality, reliability and innovation distinguishes us from others, providing customers with a memorable experience. One way we do this is through trade-in options.

The expansive nationwide network of CFAO is a key asset that significantly enhances the overall customer experience for Toyota by CFAO. As we continue to build our network by leveraging existing CFAO dealerships in major hubs such as Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, along with the appointment of authorised service centres and dealers offering 2S & 3S (Sales, Service, and Spare Parts), several advantages emerge in terms of accessibility, service and support for our valued customers.

Looking ahead, we envision Toyota by CFAO as a key player in the Nigerian automotive industry. Our goal is to not only increase our market share but also contribute significantly to the growth and development of the industry. We aim to continue providing exceptional value to our customers, setting new standards for service, support and overall customer experience.