This is just to let you know you are a life changer who deserves to be celebrated every day. You are one in a million! Your teachings are shaping my life and turning it into gold. Thanks so much, ma.

Nawal Namira Kamari

 Dear Mummy Temilolu,

I just want to give a short testimony. I want to thank you for your preaching. Even though I am no longer a virgin, I am still keeping it up by staying away from sexual immorality. I never knew my dad since I was born until I clocked 17 and found him on Facebook. He replied after 3 months and apologised for leaving me because he was just 17 years old when he got my mom pregnant who was also just 14. His parents took him away and never wanted to hear anything about him getting my mom pregnant!

After 3 months of getting to know my father, he called me one day and told me to no longer change my name, that he was not my father. He said negative things and I just knew it was some sort of manipulation met him at 17 years old in 2016. I am currently 21. I had no choice but to fend for myself. My mum has been married and her husband never knew of me so there was no point going to make things tough for her because she too had tried for me.

I was ready to keep my virginity intact until it became so tough for me and I had to start sleeping with men till I was able to get my ND form and start school on my own. I stopped after a Barrister in my school who was so fond of me right from the first day I stepped into the school counselled me after a dream she had about me!  In my 200 level, I started receiving favours. A U.S.-based woman who my mom used to run errands for got in contact with me and has been paying my fees till now!

I made a Distinction in my ND. This is my final semester in my HND and I have given my life to Christ fully. I began following you on Facebook this year, I just want to say thank you for your teachings. I had to make you “see first” because I always want to believe that there’s hope! Thank you so much. You’re a good mother. God bless you Ma. Please if you would permit me, I’d love to send airtime to you! Please remember me in your prayers.

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous, and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

I know most of your role models are those who have over time flaunted immorality on our faces on social media. I also know godly girls are not as popular as ungodly girls you’d rather follow. However, I must let you know we have different destinies with diverse weight in the supernatural! What A’s destiny can stand is what could kill yours! We all have different altitudes in life! You want to fly high? You need power!!! Too many will not fulfil their destiny because their lives got polluted through sexual intercourse with the wrong person! Great destinies require great care! You can take it or leave it!!!

Your virginity encompasses your original!  Your virginity encompasses your spirituality! Your virginity encompasses your glory, virtue, shinning!  Your virginity gives you spiritual power!

Your virginity gives you spiritual intelligence! Your virginity makes you a carrier of god’s presence, power and glory!

Your virginity carries heavyweight in the spirit realm because it is the gate of your life!

Refuse to break it before your wedding night! Optimise it to acquire a level of spirituality that would fetch you a life of your dreams that no devil can stop and that will lead you to eternity! If you have lost it, can you please surrender your flesh to God today and come and watch Him make out of you what will marvel the world for many years to come?

May the power of God overshadow you, strengthen you to wait and resist temptation, and send you a life partner that will make you go down on your knees and say “Thank you Jesus every day for the rest of your life in Jesus’s mighty name!

For all those who follow my sexual purity teachings and have chosen to honour God with their bodies (1 Cor.6: 20)- may your life turn out more beautiful than mine!!!

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Are you still engaging in pre-marital sex? Each act devalues you! Your wonders are waiting to start. God is waiting for you to become a Secondary virgin! You are most welcome on board the chastity campaign train and Girls Club is open for all girls and ladies. Please text your name, age, school or occupation, and State of domicile to 07086620576.