Zino Aviation gives tech-based flight training to African aspiring pilots

By Juliet Umeh

Worried by the challenges faced by aspiring African pilots, an innovative Pilot training, career management and consultancy firm, Zino Aviation, said it is providing technology based training solutions for them to pursue their careers.

The firm noted that an aspiring pilot may need to pay over $60,000-$100,000 on flight training, spending six to 18 months in flight school, achieve 200-250 flight hours, pass numerous exams and when their licenses are finally obtained, might struggle to land one of the coveted airline jobs because of the tech dynamism of the profession.

Co-founder of the firm, Captain Zino Mario-Ghae, said for lackof knowledge, technical and technological support and guidance needed to pursue a rewarding career in aviation, most aspiring pilots make a lot of mistakes which costs them more time and a lot of money.

He said: “Zino Aviation was founded to mitigate the risk of failure and ensure success among aspiring pilots.

“We’ve helped hundreds of aspiring pilots across the world but now we’re particularly targeting talents from Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, as we seek to provide solutions to key problems faced in the Pilot training space. We’ve seen many people spend two years and over $100,000 on flight training when they could have spent six months and just $35,000 but their lack of knowledge cost them dearly.

“Our primary focus at Zino Aviation is to provide tech-based knowledge and mentorship aspiring pilots need as well as put them on our flight training programmes which will allow them to finish their training in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of money,” he added.

Zino Aviation is based in Nigeria, the UK, as well as the USA. The firm has partnership with several reputable flight schools worldwide. In addition to working with individual clients they also provide flight training logistics and management services for Governments, Commercial Airlines, and Private Air Operators who are looking to select and train groups of pilots.

The company conducts flight training with partner international flight training providers and finally assist with the employment process of each pilot on their return from flight school. This enables the trainees use their scarce resources judiciously.

According to Zino, the wide variety services the company offer include: Flight Training,    Pilot Mentorship, Pilot Assessments, Aviation Consultancy, Flight Training, Logistics Management, Online Courses, Aviation Medicals, Career Management.