You’re a donkey: Lionel Messi slams Jamie Carragher

Lionel Messi was obviously furious with Jamie Carragher after the Liverpool Legend chose Cristiano Ronaldo above him and questioned his performance at PSG.

Carragher revealed that the Argentine sent him a direct message on social media and called him a donkey.

How it started

Carragher and punditry partner Gary Neville were discussing the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner ahead of the Friday Night Football match of Watford vs Norwich.

The pair had previously argued over who was the superior player between him and Cristiano Ronaldo on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football earlier in the season.

And Messi came up in conversation again as presenter Dave Jones asked them to pick their own EA Sports FIFA Team of the Year for 2021.

Carragher declared: “No, no Messi [in my team]. I mean we had that debate at the start of the season, Ronaldo or Messi.

“I was the Messi man, he [Neville] was Ronaldo but there’s no place in either team for them.”

Then Neville interrupted, saying: “He’s not happy with you Messi is he?”

Carragher replied: “No he’s not happy with me at all.”

That comment prompted Jones to ask: “Why?”

“I had a little pop at Ronaldo earlier in the season, didn’t think it was a great signing for United, then I said the example of Messi, I didn’t think Messi’s a great signing for PSG,” Carragher explained.


“That was on Monday Night Football wasn’t it?” questioned Jones.

Carragher responded: “Yeah it was on Monday Night Football and I got a private message on Instagram.”

A shocked Jones said: “From the man himself?”

“From the man himself,” Carragher affirmed. “I will not be showing private messages but he basically called me a donkey.”

The three men burst into laughter before Jones jibed: “So he watches his football then.”

Carragher continued: “He watches Monday Night Football so hopefully he’s watching Friday Night Football as well because Lionel, I absolutely love ya.

“Greatest player of all time and compared to you I was a donkey. You know, I accept that, but you’re not getting in this team.

“You haven’t played well enough, even if you did win the Copa America in the summer. It’s not enough to leave my man Mo Salah out the team.”