You cannot demarket Rivers and expect our vote: Wike knocks Atiku

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f wike broadcast x

Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike said it is absurd for the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to demarket Rivers State as unsafe, and yet want the people to vote for him on Saturday’s election.

The governor declared that Rivers’ electorate will cast their votes on the 25th February 2023 presidential election for the candidate trusted to be a unifier and committed to the unity of Nigeria.

Speaking at Ogbakiri junction in Emohua Local government Area, the venue of the flag-off of the reconstruction and dualization of Emohua Road to Abalama/Tema Junction, Wike said nothing can dissuade him and Rivers voters from the decision they have taken to that effect.

The Rivers State governor said the people summoned and addressed by the presidential candidate of the PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in Abuja over the weekend are not true Rivers State citizens.

If such people claim they are truly from the State, he challenged them to return home and be addressed by the presidential candidate as such.

Governor Wike described as the unacceptable such summoning of people who have made themselves non-indigenes in Abuja. According to him, it is an insult to Rivers State and its people for anyone who is seeking for their vote to summon them for a meeting outside of the State.

In categorical terms, Governor Wike stated that if the PDP presidential candidate cannot come to Rivers State and address the people because he has labeled the place as unsafe, it will be morally wrong to seek votes from the State.

“You are addressing Rivers people in Abuja, is that not an insult? You cannot come to Rivers State and talk to us. You say Rivers State is not safe, but you want their vote. Rivers people will you allow that? Those who declared our state to be unsafe are those who are seeking for your vote. It is unfortunate. No right thinking Rivers person will take that insult.

“And I challenge all of you here to behave like true Rivers people to say nobody can buy you, nobody can summon you outside Rivers State. if you want to talk to us, come to Rivers state and talk to us. no amount of blackmail, no amount of intimidation can change our position. We want the unity of Nigeria.”


Governor Wike stated that they are prepared for Saturday’s election and Rivers’ electorate will teach those opposed to the stance of the State for equity, fairness and justice, that there are real owners of the State who reside and determine what should happen therein.

He emphasized that Rivers people will vote for the candidate who has the welfare of the State at heart, and is interested in Nigeria moving forward.

Governor Wike also took a swipe at one Mr Kingsley Wali, a native of Rumualogu community in Akpor kingdom, who was on social media challenging him to show proof what Rivers money has been expended on.

The governor said Mr Kingsley Wali is unable to see the plethora of projects his administration has executed in Akpor Kingdom and particularly in Rumualogu community because he is a failure, having failed four times at the Nigerian Law School.

Governor Wike stated that replying to Mr Kingsley Wali is a waste of time because they do not rank on equal pedestal of life and politics.

The governor insisted that when he speaks, Nigeria will listen and presently he is preoccupied with thoughts and activities of how the State will go forward.

The Rivers State Governor emphasized that because he has provided the dividend of democracy that is why council chairmen and other leaders are bent to remain with him to execute their plan concerning the presidential election.

He stated that they have all taken a decision that is politically convenient because it will, in the long run, benefit the State and its people.

On the road that has been flagged off, governor Wike said it was one important project he wanted to attend to before his administration ends.

Governor Wike urged the people to vote for the consolidation team so that the project is not stopped when he leaves office.