Why Nigeria is a failed state – Bishop Onyia

bafbccd christian onyia x
bafbccd christian onyia x

From Geoffrey Anyanwu, Enugu

The Anglican Bishop of Nike Diocese, Enugu State, Rt Rev Christian Onyia, has said that Nigeria is right to be called a failed State because the three basic things that keep a nation alive have collapsed in the country.

He said the economy, education and security have collapsed and Nigeria was now living on borrowing which if care was not taken might enslave her people.

Onyia, who was responding to questions by newsmen during a Pre-Synod press conference of the Diocese in his office, said the situation in the land needed the Christians not just to pray but live out their Christian life, so as to challenge and correct the anomalies in Nigeria.

‘I say it and can go to any length to maintain it that Nigeria as a nation has failed because the three basic things that make a nation survive have collapsed in Nigeria. Our economy has collapsed, our school system has collapsed and there is no security, these are the three things that make a nation either great or fail. Because our economy has failed, this morning as I was listening to the news the President is asking for more borrowing, he wants to borrow more. You know Nigeria now lives on borrowed money and will continue to borrow,’ the bishop stated.

He charged Christians to use the Easter period to seek God and not be selfish, saying: ‘In this Easter, I wouldn’t say let people go and keep praying, we’ve prayed enough. Let us live the Christian life, let us put it into practice. The Church has prayed and prayed, let’s stop deceiving ourselves, let’s wake up and act the prayer. That is why I have been mobilizing our people here to go get their voters card because it is time, we have prayed enough, let’s now demonstrate it, let’s choose our leaders, those whom we feel that will have at least fear of God, who are ready to die.

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‘Everyone should seek the face of God and do what is Godly and lawful, our rulers should rule us with the fear of God and teach us good things we should do, leaders should ensure peace in the land and those who cause trouble, who shot and kill fellow human beings, let us all repent and seek the kingdom of God. Especially as we prepare for the general election, let us all work to ensure peace in the land.


The cleric decried the actions of some who answer Christians but are really not, saying: ‘Christians, who are the Christians in Nigeria? Because I have a problem, the proliferation of newer churches has destroyed what we call Christianity in Nigeria.

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‘I opened my Facebook yesterday and was listening to one of the pastors that I know talking to the congregation and bamboozling, telling them, ‘none of you will prosper if you don’t believe in me,’ so pastors have become Christ that one has to believe in to prosper. He said ‘your prosperity is tied to the man you listen to and follow as your pastor.

‘So when people ask me what prayer do you have for Christians, I keep asking, who are the Christians? Because a Christian should be a follower of Christ but when you now become the Christ that people will follow, what name do we give to it? So I am worried about what is going on, I wish there is a way to shut down some of these things. Before then things were better, if you were dealing with a Christian you know he is a Christian, those who were not Christian never pretended about it.

‘But today you don’t know who to call a Christian, let me ask you, our Vice President is he a Christian? Christians who are not ready to die, who are not ready to sacrifice, who camouflage and pretend about everything just for their selfish interest; if Jesus was selfish there will be no Easter and our hope would have been dashed out.’