Why NDLEA was able to nail Kyari

From Molly Kilete, Abuja

Tuesday, February 14, would remain a memory day for a long time for the Nigerian Police Force. It was the day when one of their finest officers, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, was declared wanted by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), for alleged drug related offences.

The day which was supposed to be Saint  Valentines Day, automatically turned sour for not just the Police Force, but also Nigerians especially those who see Kyari  as their hero, a super cop and one who they looked up to as well as admire.

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The story of kyari’s involvement in hard drug shook the entire nation as some felt it was just another set up to hang Kyari, who has been on suspension since July, 2021 for alleged involvement in a different fraud case being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

However, the reality soon dawned on Nigerians,  especially his fans after the NDLEA, at a media briefing, played  a video where the super cop was caught on camera negotiating with some of its officers at a business premises in Garki, Abuja.

The NDLEA spokesman, Femi Babafemi, had hinted that his agency contacted Kyari severally for interview, but he declined thus forcing it to report the matter to Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba, who also expressed shock after seeing the dangerous evidence on Kyari.

He immediately set up an investigative team to verify the finding and during their investigation it was discovered that the video was not fake after all. 

Their discovery led to the invitation of Kyari, who admitted to being the one on the video which shocked the panel members who did not expect him to operate as a police officer more so as he was on suspension.

To get to the root of the matter, the panel members invited the head of the Intelligence Response Team and his Second in Command to the Force headquarters to explain how their operatives carried out the operations at Enugu and on whose order.

First to be interviewed was the Commander, Tunji Disu, who denied ever embarking on any operations at Enugu. 

Incidentally, Disu was on official operation at Sokoto on the dates his men went for the illegal operations.

When the panel members were through with Disu, they turned to his Second in Command, Sunday Ubuah, who also happened to be the 2iC, during the time of Abba, and he immediately opened up on all that he knew about the operation, telling the panel that the operations took place while Commander Disu was away in Sokoto.

Ubuah’s confession was mind blowing to the investigation panel because it dawned on them that Ubuah was still very loyal to Kyari and still taking orders from him instead of Disu.

With their investigation completed, they submitted their findings to the IGP and recommended that they be handed over to the NDLEA for further investigation.

Thus, Kyari was handed over to the NDLEA authorities on Saturday,  February 12, following an agreement that he should not be paraded before newsmen.

It was also agreed between the two services after their meeting that the NDLEA should go ahead with their media briefing and declare Kyari wanted after which the police would then issue a statement that he has been arrested and handed over to the agency, which they did.

The police then went further to arrest Ubuah and the operatives he assigned for the illegal operation.

A statement issued by the acting Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said: “The Police investigations report also indicted DCP Abba Kyari, who had been on suspension for his alleged involvement in a different fraud case being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), for complicity in the allegation of official corruption, tampering with narcotics exhibit and sundry unprofessional conducts that negate the standard administrative and investigative protocols of the Force as well as extant criminal laws. It is to be emphasised that DCP Abba Kyari’s involvement in these allegation occurred while his suspension from service was subsisting.

“On the strength of the findings of the in-house Police Investigation Panel, the Inspector-General of Police has ordered the immediate arrest and transfer of all the indicted police officers to the NDLEA authorities for conclusive investigation, while appropriate disciplinary actions are also being initiated against them by the Force leadership. The concerned officers include DCP Abba Kyari, ACP Sunday Ubuah, ASP Bawa James, ASP John Umoru (at large), Inspr. Simon Agrigba and John Nuhu. They have all been, accordingly, handed over today 14th February, 2022 to the NDLEA authorities”.


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The man Abba Kyari

While some police personnel are expressing their reservations over the scandal, others say they saw this coming following reports of allegations and counter-allegations by suspects arrested by IRT operatives while Kyari was the head.

It was gathered that numerous petitions written to the police authorities about the many dirty deals of the IRT at the time never saw the light of the day as Kyari’s men ensured they don’t get to the table of the IGP.

Some police officers told Sunday Sun of how powerful Kyari was that even IGPs bow and tremble before him and could never query him on any matter. 

He was said to have wielded so much powers and was on his way to become an IGP, when nemesis caught up with him.

To ensure he is clean, he has men in the police, media, government ministries, judiciary,  National Assembly, that work round the clock to protect him.

Apart from engaging bandits, terrorists, kidnappers and other criminals, Kyari is said to be working for very top VIPs in the country to monitor activities of their spouses.

Some police officers accused him of master-minding some high profile kidnapping and rescuing the victims just to be in the good books and achieve his ambition of becoming the IGP someday.

It was gathered that Kyari came to limelight while working as Commander of SARS in Lagos State, but had to be removed and posted to Abuja after he seized a suspect’s car and presented the same to his girlfriend in Adamawa. 

The owner of the vehicle was said to have tracked the vehicle to Adamawa and confronted the new owner who told him the car was a gift from Kyari.

To save the Police from embarrassment, the IGP, at the time, redeployed Kyari to Abuja, and made him head of the IRT, which he just created. 

The deployment did not go down well with Kyari, who employed the services of his contact who are very powerful people in the society to ask the IGP to change the redeployment,which he vehemently refused. Thus Kyari was posted to Abuja to head the  IRT.

As IRT Commander, the Police Force headquarters was said to have received several complaints about the illegal  operations of the units. 

Sadly, most of the IGPs could not do much to sanitize the organisation because as one source told Sunday Sun, “they have soiled their hands with the young man”.

A senior police officer who does not want to be mentioned in print told Sunday Sun that Kyari ought to have been dismissed from the police after the FBI report on him and that of the NDLEA, but that the authorities cannot do that because they have compromised their integrity.

One source said that “what the IGP would have done was to recommend his dismissal from the police to the Police Service Commission because of the terrible scandal he has brought upon the police, but you see, he cannot. Do you know that Kyari brings in all these marabouts from Senegal and other African countries to consult for these our big men in the police and he also gives them money so they cannot touch him for fear of being exposed that is why they have been delaying their findings on the FBI investigation that resulted to his being suspended from the police.”

The source said that but for the kind of background of the NDLEA chair as a retired military officer, the matter would have been swept under the carpet like several other cases against Kyari.