Why I prefer live performances — Laolu Gbenjo

bf laolu gbenjo
bf laolu gbenjo

A gospel music artiste, Laolu Gbenjo, has said that he prefers live performances to recorded ones.

He told “I enjoy performing live, rather than doing studio recordings. When I perform live, I get to feel what people are feeling. I see their expressions as they dance to my music. It is usually spontaneous.”

Gbenjo also stated that his new song titled,was his testimony of how God transformed his. He said, “The song talks about my journey, as well as the challenges I faced over the years. The inspiration behind the song is what God has done for me. It is basically a testimony of God’s grace.”

Reacting to the impression held by some that musicians who do live shows are motivated by the money that would be sprayed on them while performing, the singer said, “Whatever works for each person. If they say cash is their motivation, everyone needs money. Music is actually one the most expensive businesses one can do. The equipment are expensive, and it is even worse with the high rate of foreign exchange. The microphone I used to buy for N300,000 now costs N2m. Meanwhile, most of our equipment are imported from countries such as Italy and the United States of America.

“So, for one to maintain the standard, one needs money. I hear some people say that I am commercial. But, when I was broke and I had no money to record songs, where were those people? What did they do about it? Have they ever sponsored any of my concerts or projects? Whatever works for one is what one should do, as long as one is fulfilled in one’s area of purpose.”

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