Why are people above 50 dying more nowadays?

Within two weeks about 6 prominent people I know have died. One Cardiologist a close friend died within 72 hours of taking ill. A Professor of Political Science a close friend also died in less than 48 hours after taking ill. A retired Permanent Secretary a close friend also, suddenly became ill, was rushed to a hospital in Aba, but died within 48 hours. A wife to a prominent personality also died at home, while preparations were being made to fly her abroad. My towns man also a close friend died recently. Etc etc. Only three of them were confirmed  covid-19 positive. Others were not tested before their deaths, and no post mortem done.

These are people that are very close to me. I was crying I had no shoes until I saw someone without a leg metaphorically speaking. I went for a ceremonial committee meeting yesterday-Wednesday September 22, 2021, and one of our Professors was lamenting to no body in particular that in his small village they have about 11 unburied corpses, one of them a Professor from Abia State University. He was expecting some answers from me as a medical doctor. I had none. The tragic thing was that all those who died were above 50.

The question we must all answer is “why are many people above 50 dying nowadays, is it covid-19 related, that is, is it the covid-19 variant – Delta? Yes we know most of these deaths manifested little or no symptoms, synonymous with the Delta variant of covid-19. So we must all err on the side of caution. Again most of the deaths I recounted did not last more than 72 hours after taking ill. What is actually happening?

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Okay, according to Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). As at Wednesday September 22, 2021 – the total infection of covid-19 stood at 202,704 with 2,664 deaths. Nigeria was breathing easy, because the total deaths from covid-19 in more than a year of the pandemic, was slightly above or equal to the number of 9 recorded daily in USA and other European countries. We thought we were sitting pretty until this devious variant – Delta, surfaced and people started dying in Nigeria more frequently. We must watch it.

I have received several calls, texts and emails from my patients and readers, who are panicking and wanted to know whether they should take the vaccination. Most of them are skeptical about taking the vaccine because of the fear factor, created by bizarre reports in the media, of the after effects of the vaccination.

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The medical facts are that, majority of people dying both here and abroad are unvaccinated. But a few that are vaccinated are still dying.  My advice is that as I said earlier we should err on the side of caution – so go and get vaccinated. If we perish, we perish.

Medically it is a desidaratum that for any pandemic or epidemic disease to be eradicated majority of people must be vaccinated. The Delta variant we are witnessing now, are mostly due to multiplicity of infection, so the virus as a survival mechanism, which is incipient in all viruses, subsume itself in a cacoon and metamorphose into a variant as a protective and survival mechanism. We must defeat this by getting vaccinated. Always be medically guided.

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