Which zone should produce next Senate president?

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Nigeria is on a tripod. The West has got the president, the North has got the vice president and to level up, the South-East should be given the position of the Senate presidency for fairness, justice and equity and sense of belonging. In 2015, when we were canvassing for that, we didn’t have any Senator elected on the platform of the APC. Luckily for us, as at the last count, we have six senators. Among the six are two ranking senators. Currently, one is Chief Whip, that is Orji Uzor Kalu, and he is qualified to fill that slot; he is still a member of the Senate, so it is a continuation. The advantage he has is that having been Chief Whip, he has the experience as he was a principal officer. There’s also Osita Izunaso. But Kalu is better placed to fill that slot.

It’s South East, for national integration, harmony – Dr Ody Okereke Ajike, lawyer

For purposes of balancing, national integration and harmony, the South-East, deserves the Senate president. Since Presidentelect, Bola Tinubu is from the South-West, his deputy is from the North-East, it is best for the Senate president to go the South- East, and it should be given to the most responsible and experienced senator in the zone – Orji Uzor Kalu

Senate Presidency will give South-East sense of belonging – Chief Christian Hope, businessman

The South East had clamoured for the number one position in the land, but it didn’t work out. In the current power arrangement, and since Nigeria is on a tripod, it would be unfair to continue to marginalise the South East. South Easterners are wont to believe that the Nigeria system does not have anything for them; there is agitation for self-determination everywhere apparently because of the seeming alienation. So, as a soothing balm, the position of Senate President should just be given to the zone. This will to some extent give them a sense of belonging; at least occupy- ing the number three position in governance hierarchy. The zone deserves it.

Naturally, South-East de-serves Senate Presidency – Lucky Onuoha, businessman

I am of the view that the Senate President should be given to the South East. The reason being that since the South West and North have cornered the president and vice president positions respectively, it will only be natural for the South East which is one of the three major ethnic groups in the country to produce the


Senate President.

Senate Presidency will assuage South East – Collins Ubani, tricycle operator

I believe the South East should produce the president of the Senate. My reason for saying that is that it will assuage the South East which has been denied the presidency for long and has been crying over marginalization.

For power balancing, give it to South- East -Celine Chima, civil servant.

In my own opinion, the South East should be given the position of Senate President. This I believe is ideal for power balancing among the three major ethnic groups in the country since the South West and North have taken the president and vice president positions respectively.

To correct perceived marginalization, South-East deserves it Afam Echi, business man

The South-East has been marginalized, and the best way to balance it is by allowing the zone to produce the next Senate President. That’s fair for me. If they get the position, it will strike a balance, with the South-West at the presidency and the South-East heading the National Assembly. I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

Senate Presidency will calm down tension in South-East -Emeka Ihegulem, transporter

Having the South-East to produce the next senate president is a welcome development. It is important to note now that with the much clamour for South-East presidency and how it played out in the last election, we shouldn’t even be talking about who should occupy the position. It will calm tension in the zone.

South-East should have it; enough of marginaliation – Ifeoma Onyewuchi, teacher

If they don’t give it to the South- East, who do they want to give it to? The only thing we want to hear now is that an Igbo man is the Senate President. Enough of this marginalization. We are also part of Nigeria.