Tragic love


By Desmond Mgboh, Kano 

Geng is a top management staff of a Chinese owned textile company at Kantin-Kwari Market, Kano. He was held by police on Friday night, but remanded in correctional facility on Wednesday by Chief Magistrate Hanif Sanusi Chiroma.

The story of Geng is one of love, deceit and betrayal. All combined leading to the death of sweet-talking, pretty 23-year-old graduate of an Ugandan university, Umulkakarthum Buhari.

On the night of the tragedy, at about 10.00 pm on that Friday, he lost his calm, pulled out a stainless knife and stabbed his lover, leaving her in a poll of blood in her home in Kabuga Quarters, Gwale Local Government.

Bleeding, she was first rushed to a nearby private hospital, UHC and later to the Murtala Mohammed Specialists Hospital, Kano. She was later pronounced dead by doctors.

According to several accounts, Geng had been the deceased’s lover for a while. Both of them had enjoyed an “intimidate” relationship. The affair was well known to many, including the deceased’s mother, two brothers, sisters and friends.

An eyewitness testified: “It was also true that the suspect, while the relationship lasted, was a regular face in the area. So familiar was he that even pets in the house took to him just like the rest of the family.”

It was gathered that the Chinese spent money to lubricate the relationship. There are claims that his deep pocket benefited some other members of the deceased’s family.

But things began to fall out of place not too long ago, climaxing with in shattered heart for the small-natured Chinese as the deceased dumped him for a much younger Nigerian.

Sources told Daily Sun that the suspect confessed in his statement that the deceit of the deceased pained him the most. The exact incidents that fired the last burst remained unclear.

But a police source said the suspect came to his lover’s home on the fateful night with a knife, thus collaborating the narrative that it was a premeditated act.

Of what actually transpired, the bereaved mother narrated: “He (the Chinese) always comes around wanting to see her and she has been refusing.

“This time around when he came, he kept knocking on the door. When I was fed up of him hitting the door loudly, I opened the door and he pushed me aside and got in and started stabbing her with a knife.

“I started shouting and people came running. We rushed her to the hospital but before we arrived, she was dead. It happened around 9.30pm.

“It was raining then, people were indoors and couldn’t hear me shouting until when someone came and tried going in through the window.


“I want the authorities to see to this criminal act. It was long since their love affair ended. She got married and later got divorced.

“That was when he came back to her life, pressing that he must see her. He used to come in although we didn’t like it, but he didn’t understand. We used to chase him out.

“When I attempted informing the police, my children would refuse and say let’s not take the matter public.

“The man that came to her aid went through the window. He was the one who caught him and brought him out.

“He ran off and they chased him and brought him back. She was my eldest daughter but she has two elder brothers.

“He understood that she did not want to see him. When he called, she did not pick up. That’s when he decided to invade. He knocked at the door for almost an hour. She was the one who asked me to go and send him away, after which he pushed me away upon opening the gate.

“He went straight to her room. He knows where the room is because he used to come in. In most cases, it’s her brother that used to send him away. They first met at Shoprite when she went to buy perfume and they exchanged phone numbers. That’s how they started making out on calls.

“When she got married, they separated until when she was divorced. Her husband suspected they were chatting on phone although that was not what led to the failure of her marriage.

“Of course, she told him that she was going to marry him. But because her paternal uncles saw issues coming, they refused and I agreed with them.”

The deceased’s brother, Sadiq Sani told Daily Sun they were in court:

“So many pieces of information in media were not the exact accounts of what transpired.” He, however, added that since the matter was before the court, it would not be wise for him to further comment on it.

Meanwhile, members of the Chinese community in Kano asked that the law should take its course in the matter. Personal assistant of their

leader, Mr Guang Lee Zhang, said action was totally condemnable: “It

is a criminal act that should be handled by the relevant security