Toyin Lawani’s near-nude video angers fans

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Toyin Lawani, aka Tiannah, posted a video of herself barely clad in anticipation of her 40th birthday which is coming soon, but some of her followers criticised her for exposing her body despite being married.

The caption that accompanied the post read, “Unapologetic me. If you wish, hit your heads on the wall. I will stress you guys so much. Should I go back to size eight? This was from my last shoot which I told you I was going to diet (sic) till I was size eight. I feel like doing the same now. I will post my current size next. Beauty with brains, who says you can’t be sexy and be a mum and a wife? You just need to be loved by who understands you and loves you for who you are.”

Few minutes after she made the post, some of her followers bashed her in the comments section. Razziechazy wrote, “Why didn’t you go naked? Do you need to go naked before you know that you’re beautiful? We have children here on Instagram, stop all this madness in the name of fashion, I beg you in the name of God, madam.”


Good_goods_12 wrote, “Our women are losing their values because of imitation and ignorance. Why can’t we imitate better things, rather than cheap awareness in the name of civilisation?”

Uzo_nana added, “I am not a hater but this is not natural and you don’t need this exposure to feel good. You look good anyway”

Benkaybaby_real wrote, “Must you show all these?”

Raphaeljoy_quotes commented, “You are 40; shouldn’t you be thanking God, or is this a way to thank Him?”

Cindylox wrote, “What are you trying to prove? I don’t know what some of you celebrities want us to learn from you.”

Chrisgospel7 commented, “Is that why you are almost naked on Instagram?”

Marvell_dinma wrote, “Someone’s mum. This is sad.”

Baby_glitters2 added, “So because she is 40, she wants to go naked. Why don’t you remove the pant?”