A Nigerian-American gospel artiste, Tomi Favoured, has called on fellow music ministers to always spread Godly melodies. She added that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ was a beacon of hope, especially amidst the current challenges facing the nation.

In a recent conversation with journalists, the singer shared insights into her initiative tagged, ‘Bringing Our Worship’. According to her, the initiative is put together by her and her husband, Seyi Alesh.

The inaugural BOW event held in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, in 2016, and it marked the beginning of a global movement that has resonated with worshippers from all walks of life.

According to her, she and her husband have made it their mission to create an inclusive environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can engage in communal worship, even incorporating songs in various languages to reach a diverse audience.

Speaking on the evolution of the BOW initiative from a personal vision to a collaborative effort, Tomi Favoured said, “It was initially a personal vision, but the initiative has evolved into a collaborative effort. Various individuals and organisations, including fellow music artistes and church groups, have supported the vision financially, with practical resources, and by volunteering their time and talents.”

Asked about the role of gospel ministers in crucial times, she said, “Gospel music ministers are called to share the good news of Jesus Christ and bring hope, joy, and peace through their music. As vessels of worship, they serve upward in adoration, laterally by encouraging others, and downward by declaring the dominion of Jesus Christ over darkness.”