Registration for the National Youth Service Corps for 2024 Batch ‘A’ Stream II has commenced.

The seven-day registration will run from March 25 to 31, 2024.

This is according to information obtained from the NYSC DHQ X handle on Monday.

The tweet detailed nine tips for online registration as follows:

Similarly, the corps’ Telegram handle earlier gave an update on links and procedures to follow for the registration.

This was disclosed in a message titled, “Links To Check As 2024 Batch A Stream 2, Begins Registration Today”

NYSC also wished prospective applicants a successful registration, urging them to use a verified cafe for registration.

It added, “Use an accredited Cafe for registration. Please note, this list is a bit orderly, when checking the CBO just go to your state ones.

“Lastly, wherever you find nysc1 the ending number can be replaced with nysc2, 3, 4  to 8.

“Have a successful registration process, as we’ve often said check your details well and don’t be in an unnecessary rush. Once submitted, some details can’t easily be edited.”

PUNCH Online reports that NYSC is a programme in Nigeria that was established by the government in 1973 to foster unity among the diverse ethnic groups in the country.

The programme is mandatory for all Nigerian graduates under the age of 30.

Upon graduation from a tertiary institution, participants are required to undergo a one-year service, during which they are deployed to different states within Nigeria.

During this period, they engage in various community development projects, educational activities, and other forms of national service.