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Tinubu determined to end insecurity

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The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, George Akume, has said President Bola Tinubu, is determined to end insecurity ravaging many parts of the country.

He said the implementation of policies of all the eight target areas of the present administration is geared towards ending insecurity in the country.

Akume added that Tinubu’s administration would work tirelessly to develop the nation’s economy and ensure Nigerians are safe to do their legitimate businesses without fear.

He spoke on Saturday at the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 12th Lecture Series in Abuja.

Represented by a retired Permanent Secretary, Olufemi Adekunle, he noted that the administration is aware that achieving significant development in key sectors would reduce insecurity.

He said, “When a country experiences significant development in various sectors, such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, and economic opportunities, it can lead to improved security conditions.

“By investing in impactful development strategies, our country Nigeria can address root causes of insecurity and mitigate the risks of conflicts and security challenges thereby creating environments conducive to peace and stability.

“However, it’s important to recognise that development alone may not be sufficient and should be complemented by other measures, such as conflict resolution efforts, peacebuilding initiatives, and effective security institutions.”

The SGF said leadership, policy implementation, and national development are interconnected components that form the bedrock of a prosperous nation.

He said: “Effective leadership provides the vision and inspiration needed to mobilise efforts towards common goals, while well-implemented policies act as the catalyst for progress.

“By embracing inclusive and sustainable approaches, leaders can promote national development that benefits all citizens, both present and future.”

The Director, Centre for Leadership and Complex Military Operations, NDA, Dr. Bem Audu, said the series would also allow the participants to interact with the government, understand government policies and their implementation, and how they contribute to national development.

According to him, most times we make criticisms of the government without actually understanding the issues involved.

He said, “So, this is a platform that we have deliberately designed to ensure that practice meets theory so that people can understand the policies of the government and how they are implemented and be better aware and also contribute to the development of Nigeria.

“So what we’re doing basically to see to the extent to which we can generate this knowledge and transfer it to as many as possible and security is the core of what we do. “

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