The elixir of life (2)

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The importance of trees in our lives can never be overemphasised just as it was reiterated in our last communication, except you are an ardent supporter of Elon Musk‘s idea of making Mars another habitable planet. But for now, all that we have is the planet earth and there is really no other planet for now.

Here are the remaining astounding importance of trees in our lives:

1.) Trees shield children from ultraviolet rays: There is a growing concern about skin cancer as it continues to be the most common cancer in some places, for instance, the United States. Planting a tree today, especially on playgrounds and areas such as parks where children spend the most time, will thus mean that you are reducing children’s exposure to cancer-causing ultraviolet rays by about 50%.

2.) Trees preventing water pollution: Trees lessen stormwater runoff by breaking rainfall which allows water to be absorbed into the earth. As such, it prevents stormwater from ferrying pollutants and toxic chemicals into water bodies such as streams, rivers, lakes or oceans. Essentially, trees act like sponges that filter the stormwater naturally while at the same time using it to recharge groundwater supplies.

3.) Trees save and produce water: Trees are an integral part of the water cycle and they also provide shade to reduce the rate of evaporation. Also, as trees transpire, they boost atmospheric pressure, which is a way that trees continue the water cycle through a process known as evapotranspiration. In simpler terms, it absorbs the water from the earth and releases it into the environment as tiny droplets after which they rise and cool to form clouds and the clouds bring rain. Therefore, to save water and ensure there is enough water for our daily needs, everyone needs to plant a tree today.

4.) Trees increase property value: The beauty and scenery of a well-planted property together with its adjacent streets and the surrounding environment can increase property value by up to 15%. Therefore, planting a tree in your home today gives you an opportunity to increase the value of your property.

5.) Trees are climate regulators: Trees are otherwise termed the world’s natural fans. They fan our environment and surrounding with a cool breeze that helps to regulate global temperatures. They also act as insulators by absorbing and reflecting the sun’s heat, thereby, reducing the heat and scorching effect of solar radiation. Planting a tree today is therefore essential to ensuring we have a sustainable environmental temperature.


6.) Planting trees can address global warming: The action against global warming and climate change is the responsibility of every citizen. In a bid to work together in addressing this agenda, we need to at least plant a tree today across various parts of the world. In the long term, we will be able to reduce the occurrence of destructive weather elements in the form of droughts and floods.

7.) Flood protection: Trees are important to land covers and reduce the speed of stormwater runoff. Trees can thus help in reducing the risks of flooding because it lessens the speed of water flow from the hills and mountains into streams and rivers. It also helps the earth to absorb the water and release it steadily or store it for future use.

8.) Trees heighten business traffic: Trees increase business traffic at places such as shopping malls and entertainment areas. If operating a mall or an open place for entertainment, you can plant trees in the area to boost business traffic.

9.) Trees provide basis for unity, civic identity, and irreplaceable cultural heritage: Trees hold the most inspiring cultures around the world. Particularly, trees host a wide range of unique cultural groups within an area such as landmarks that can provide a particular area with a fresh identity and civic pride. It also shows a symbol of unity when planted during communal events.

10.) Trees have countless economic values: Trees are associated with countless economic functions. From the provision of food products, essential oils, rubber, herbs, medicines, and wildlife, to important social goods, the list is endless. These functions can only remain sustainable if you plant a tree today.

11. Trees will make you feel good and relaxed: The soothing view of trees makes people feel good and encourages productivity. Trees also help one to feel relaxed, motivated and reduce stress. It’s therefore imperative to plant a tree today to enjoy all these benefits.

We need to guide and protect this planet just like a mother hen guiding and protecting her vulnerable chicks with her life.