Taraba: Muslim Council hits back at CAN, accuses body of acting as government propagandist

Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

The Muslim Council in Taraba state has replied the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the state accusing the body of relegating it’s status as a religious body to act as agent of dichotomy and propagandist for the state government.

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CAN had earlier addressed a Press conference tackling the Council for alleging Marginalization of Muslims in the state by the state government.

However the Muslim Council at a Press conference in Jalingo addressed by the Chairman Kadi Abdulmumini Abubakar Rtd and the Executive Secretary Alhaji Chindo Bose said that “CAN has deplorably failed to disprove any of the charges avouched by the Council against the current Government of Taraba State under Governor Darius Ishaku, but rather resorted to false dichotomy, appeal to hypocrisy, incitement against the Muslim and repulsive hallucinations unbecoming of a faith-based organization. At the bottom, CAN has indeed admitted all the charges.

“The Muslim Council of Taraba State saw the content of CAN’s Press Conference as going too far. This is because the Government’s response to the Council’s charges as contained in the separate releases by the Honorable Commissioner for Information and Culture, and that of the Chief Press secretary to the Executive Governor did not in any way dispel the charges raised by Council but rather accused the Council for not channeling their grievances to the Governor since His Excellency is not indispensable to them, but resorted to press conference in order to hi polity. Unfortunately, CAN acted like an attack dog by going wild, rampaging and using all kinds of unprintable words to portray the Muslim Council for doing what is constitutional.

“CAN also posed a challenge that if the Muslims are the majority in Taraba State why have they failed to produce a Muslim Governor with their number. Interestingly, CAN openly contradicted itself by claiming that Nasarawa State, which has never had a Christian governor, is a predominantly Christian state. CAN should be ashamed of itself by arriving at these fallacious, conflicting conclusions. But it is only in the figments of CAN’s imagination that Taraba State is willfully seen a Christian State which have predominant Muslim majority.


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“The unassailable truth is that Muslims are not minority in Taraba State. In fact, Muslims conspicuously constitute a significant majority in the state in the eyes of every objective observer. According to Population projection by the National Population commission (NPC) 2016, and the report of the National Bureau for Statistics projected Taraba State Population at 3,066,800. About 70% of this population is concentrated in the Muslim dominated North and Central Zones with the Christian dominated Southern Zone boasting of barely 30%. Two of the three serving senators in the state are Muslims and that has always been the trend. The figures and other statistics are there.

“This council is calling on CAN to respect itself as a religious body and desist from acting or behaving like a political party or an arm of the Taraba State Government. This is because the press conference by the Muslim Council did not in any manner join CAN in its marginalization cries. Furthermore, CAN should also desist from acting blindly or sentimental on issues within and outside the State designed to pit adherent of both faiths against each other” Bose said.

Daily Sun recall that the the Muslim Council addressed a Press conference on the 21st of January, alleging that the state governor Darius Ishaku has marginalized the Muslim population in the state in his appointments and promotions to key positions in the state, sparking a chain of reactions from various government affiliations.

The Christian Association of Nigeria in Taraba joined her in condemning the Council and alleged that as a Christian state, Taraba can even go ahead a produce a Christian/Christian ticket as Kaduna state has done.