Taraba 2023: group urge politicians to shun divisive politics

From Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

As politicking is picking up momentum in the buildup to the 2023 general elections, the Concerned Progressives, a social political group in Taraba, on Sunday called on politicians in the state to shun political practices that create disunity and hatred.

Leader of the group El-Qassim Ishaq who made the call at a press conference in Jalingo noted that the state is already too backwards due to divisions promoted by politicians along ethnic, political and religious lines.

He said that it was time those who are aspiring for various political offices to really the people set aside their political, ethnic and religious sentiments and join forces to create a government that would work to salvage the state.

“Taraba state is a plural locale and all true patriots would rather explore difficult but necessary options for our integration in order to heal build bridges and make peace. Consequently, promoting political alliances capable of bringing people from different affiliations should be commended, especially if that means assembling the right team that will salvage our dear state.

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“As such, we find the political discuss that seems to take the centre stage in the arena at the moment about the alliance between Senator Emmanuel Bwacha of the PDP and Alhaji Ahmed Yusuf of the APC as a mere distraction and a step in a very wrong direction. Coming from different political leanings does not imply that friendship can not be upheld and healthy alliances created.


“When the will and determination is sufficient, peoples of diverse backgrounds can work together to achieve common goals. As progressives, we do not see anything wrong in such moves at this time that we are in fire need of unity of hearts and purpose to confront the common monsters threatening to consume us all.

“Democracy entails choice and so people are at liberty to chose to align with any candidates of their choice and that choice has to be respected. As such, we find the bickering about a group endorsing a candidates highly retrogressive and unhealthy for the state. This is the point we should start looking beyond political parties, religion and ethnicity and begin to about our dear state” Ishaq said.