Taiwan punishes skater Huang Yu Ting for wearing Chinese kit

Taiwan Olympic speed skater, Huang Yu Ting, will not be funded by the state for two years after wearing a Chinese national team suit while training, and posting a video of it on social media.

This is according to local news reports on Friday.

The reports said that the decision to withhold the funds was made at a meeting, after a multi-party hearing on Wednesday, during which Huang apologised again.

The Taiwan Times and the CNA news agency said that Huang and another skater, had applied for joint subsidies of 1.9 million Taiwan dollars (US $67,700) in 2021.

The video was posted in January and taken down a day before the Feb. 4, opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Games, after getting a backlash, according to the report.


Huang, in her defence, said she got the suit from a friend on the Chinese team.

During the Games, in which Taiwain competes as Chinese Taipei, she told Chinese media that she felt like skating at home.

Since the Communist leadership in Beijing considers the democratic island nation to be part of China, and has threatened to conquer it, national symbols is a delicate matter between the two sides.

Huang was one of four athletes representing Taiwan at the Beijing Games and flag bearer at the opening ceremony. (dpa/NAN)