Tafawa Balewa, Bogoro stakeholders raise alarm over extra judicial killings, kidnappings, call on Buhari to intervene

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From Paul Orude, Bauchi

Concerned citizens of Bogoro and Tafawa Balewa Local Government Areas of Bauchi State have called for immediate intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the killings and abduction of residents in the areas.

They made the call in an open letter addressed to President Buhari, issued to journalists in Bauchi on Monday, under the auspices of Conference of Community Development Associations and Religious Leaders Forum Bogoro and Tafawa Balewa Local p Government Areas

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“Your Excellency, this is an early warning distress call in Bogoro and Tafawa Balewa Local Government areas of Bauchi state on apparently ill-motivated youth-driven weird violence, threat to peace, lives, property, and security, as well as disregard for the rule of law and established authority,” parts of the open letter read.

“While stating that the security and welfare of the people was one of the primary responsibility of Government, the concerned citizens raised alarm that their peace as a people is being threatened.

“As concerned residents in the region, we are alarmed by the development.

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“Granted the recent disturbing state of insecurity which the Federal and Bauchi State Governments are both concerned about, we the leaders of our people across ethnic and religious divides have their mandate to communicate our concern, and we believe an immediate and appropriate actions will be taken by government to prevent the situation from worsening,” they said.

“Recently, there have been successions of heinous incidents that have made us quite alarmed.

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“Our people are fleeing in fear of terror at a time when communities are celebrating the completion of State and Federal Government project.

“The increased rate of banditry, kidnapping, and outright terror is penetrating our territories, threatening peace and security. It should be mentioned that Bauchi is one of the safe and peaceful states in the north, and we don’t want anything or anyone to halt our growth both as a people and a community.

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“We are also concerned about violent incidents and cult-like group activities that pose a threat to peace and security.

“Some ill-motivated teenagers and bandits, as well as kidnapping and attacks by unknown gunmen, have been reported.

“We have had series of scenes that have threatened our Peace as a people From the April 18th, 2020 attack in Tafawa Balewa, to an attack in July of Mama Rifkatu who was killed in her Farm and Mrs. Mary Alhamdu who was killed on her way back from the Farm Within the Borders of Tafawa Balewa LGA, to another Herder attack in Bar Village of Bogoro. About three people died and a large number were injured in Num community of Tafawa Balewa LGA on May 9, 2022.

“Similarly at Tudun Sayawa Village there was an attack on 16th May, 2022, and a clergyman was attacked in his pastorium.

“The recent disruption of a community event in Bogoro aimed at commemorating the death and honouring a community legend on December 30th and 31st, 2021, as well as the brazen destruction of properties and killing of some carefully targeted people in Tafawa Balewa, Bar, Bogoro, and Mwari Villages, are the most horrifying of the serial cases of violence.

“The reluctance of the Cult-Like gang to allow the late Baba Peter Gonto’s family to bury their slain brother, Mr Aralla Peter Gonto, is clear evidence that the violent and cult-like organisations in Mwari are motivated, contrived, and directed by their cohorts. This is one of the most notable Flash points for violence in recent memory, which is not surprising. There have been sporadic attacks by unknown gunmen and kidnappings of prominent elders, heightening fear and apprehension that had already been created by the violent action of a Youth group with a history of notoriety for violence, mounting of unlawful roadblocks, and preventing prominent Nigerians from attending occasions they’ve been officially invited to as guest.

“We recognise that no community can thrive without peace, which is why we are requesting assistance from His Excellency , President Muhammadu Buhari, to deploy the proper authorities in restoring and maintaining peace and order.

Accordingly, we wish to plead with Mr President to direct URGENT ACTION on our request.”