Support God’s ministers, don’t destroy their ministries – Cleric urges women

The Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church, Babalola Memorial Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Prophet Sam Olu Alo has urged women to show love to ministers of God in accordance with the Scriptures and not to make them fall or destroy their ministries.

Prophet Alo who is the planter of CAC, Adamimogo Assemblies also advised Good Women to allow themselves be led by the Spirit of God.

He spoke at the 2021 annual Good Women Conference (77th Edition), in Ikeji III, Akinyele Region.

He said “a woman led by the spirit is the one who has an encounter with Christ Jesus, like Mary and Martha. They are good women led by the Spirit.

“Same as Deborah because she surrendered her life to the Holy Spirit to lead her”.

Deborah in the Bible, the cleric said was at the war front even when men were tired adding that she also surrendered her position and time for her people.


“Women led by the Spirit always have living faith and are friends of the Bible. They are also doers of the Word. They are prayerful.

“Their impacts are also being felt in the church. They are always remembered for their good deeds and their names are always in good record.

“Their children always benefit from what they have sowed. The kingdom of God is sure for them.

“Whenever they rest in the Lord, ministers of God will miss them because of the vacuum they left behind. Their lives are always impactful and they have peace of mind,” he concluded.