Stop torturing Kanu, Igbo youths warn FG

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From Stanley Uzoaru, Owerri

Igbo youths under the aegis of the Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL) have cautioned the Federal Government against the alleged torture of the leader of the separatist Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, in detention, saying that his being denied a change of clothes and access to family members violates his fundamental rights.

The youth group in a statement by its President-General, Goodluck Ibem, in Owerri on Sunday further expressed worry that Kanu’s alleged continuing torture may lead to his death and increase the already tense security situation in the South East.

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‘The South East zone is highly tensed up and any act on the part of the DSS to further heighten or increase the already volatile security situation in the zone will not augur well for the country,’ Ibem warned in the statement.

‘Torturing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is counterproductive and will lead the country to a serious security quagmire if not stopped immediately.

‘The rendition of Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigerian government has not brought any economic, political or material benefit to Nigeria but rather it has pushed the Nigerian economy into a more hard and tight corner where, if not addressed speedily, will drive the Nigerian economy to doom,’ Ibem warned.

Advising the Federal Government to face the challenge of rescuing the country from its economic upheavals, Ibem said: ‘The act of good governance is not sitting on a golden chair somewhere in Abuja and giving commands, it is about doing what is right and needful to drive production of goods and services for her needs and for exports. Holding Nnamdi Kanu in prison custody does not in any way add economic benefit to the country. It is counterproductive in all senses of the word.


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‘We call on the Federal Government to send Nnamdi Kanu back to where he was abducted and concentrate on how to bring out the country from her present economic woes. The current distractions are very unnecessary.

‘It is very unfortunate that millions of Nigerians are dying of hunger, starvation, poverty and poor medical healthcare on daily basis and the Nigerian government is busy spending huge resources on just one man. The Federal Government is borrowing money to pay salaries and borrowing to prosecute one man is uncalled for.

‘We call on the Federal Government to tell Nigerians how much resources have been spent so far in the court appearances of Nnamdi Kanu. Nigerians will be shocked to their marrows how much has been spent so far for his court appearance despite the fact that we are in a very difficult economic situation.

‘Nigerian government has by her actions subjected the lives of millions of Nigerians to security threats just because of one man.

‘The South East zone used to be a very peaceful zone, but things turn the opposite direction when the Federal Government left her duty of providing good governance on a wild goose chase.

‘The Federal Government needs to be wise. It has failed woefully in managing the security situation of the country and we are all paying for it,’ Ibem lamented.