Stop blaming devil for every misfortune — AMORC president

dede dr kenneth idiodi x
dede dr kenneth idiodi x

The President of Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), Dr Kenneth Idiodi, on Sunday, called on people to stop blaming the devil or perceived enemies for every misfortune.

Idiodi made the call at the final session of the Order’s 2023 Lagos Zone Conclave, which started on May 12, with the theme: “Practical Rosicrucian Tools for Nation Building”.

He said that superstitious beliefs had become part of the life of an average African person.

Idodi said the practice of believing that whatever bad that befell one was caused by someone or the devil retards persons from a good relationship with others and hinders development.

According to him, such a mindset has done more harm to the development of the person and society.

“A positive mindset will perceive things from the conscious knowledge perspective and work out needed solutions.

“The human society is fraught with challenges. When one sets his or her mind on the negative aspects of the challenges, it will be hard for the person to come forth with a better solution.

“As a people, we have gotten to the state where our conscious knowledge of things should drive our national life to correct our undoings,” he said.

Idiodi said that the superstitious beliefs had for years made the nation’s development an elusive treasure.

He said that development was not just for the Western world.

According to him, the zeal associated with the speed at which people embrace information technology should be deployed to change people’s orientation and mindset to entrench growth.