Road to 2023: Why I want to govern Lagos –Buraimoh

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From Aidoghie Paulinus, Abuja

The Young Progressives Party (YPP) Governorship aspirant in Lagos State, Peter Folajimi Buraimoh, has said the gap created by the EndSARS protest, motivated him to join the Lagos governorship race.

In this interview in Abuja, the former Senior Special Assistant to the President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria on Youth and Student Matters, explained that his mission in politics is to draw younger generations to politics and democracy in particular.

Buraimoh declared that if elected Governor of Lagos State, he will reposition the state to meet the infrastructural yearnings of Lagosians.

What necessitated your decision to join the Lagos governorship race?

As a concerned Nigerian youth with the passion for good governance, I saw the vacuum of responsibility between the old and young during the EndSARS protest where a lot of lives and properties were lost. And Lagos state is yet to recover from the incidence that happened during that period which was followed by deficit in infrastructural development, which created a more further gap which needs to be bridged as a matter of urgency. I, Peter Folajimi Buraimoh, feel I am the right person and it is time to step forward and represent and draw the younger generations to democracy and politics.

Since this is your first attempt in vying for a political office, why don’t you consider kick-starting your political journey from the grassroots either as a councillor or the chairmanship position?

Where is it written that the first political office should start from the grassroots? Anyway, I am convinced that with the governorship position, I can serve my people better. His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Lagos state, where did he start from? So, a precedence has been set for us.

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The Office of Governor of any state is an exalted one. Do you have the wherewithal to govern Lagos?

Well, Lagos state has a blueprint and fantastic policies put in place by past governors, starting from Mobolaji Johnson to the present.  The only missing link is having a young, vibrant individual like myself and other young people I met during the course of my consultation. I am not coming to rule, but to be a servant leader and to open opportunities for other vibrant minds like myself to bring their skills, knowledge and experience to make Lagos a super mega city of the 21st century for future generation to build on.

Lagos is the traditional home of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his parties since 1999. What is giving you hope that you can challenge such political dynasty?

My simple answer to that is, Lagos is owned by nobody. There was a dynasty before 1999 and it came to an end by default and by default, every dynasty has been destined to die a natural death and it is obvious and we would be looking for a new era and a better Lagos would be birthed and another EndSARS incident won’t emerge because all cultists, fraudsters and bad influence would be converted for a better Lagos.

Election in Nigeria is time consuming and requires a huge financial war chest. How financially ready are you?

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That is for me to know and also for you to find out sooner or later and a lot of work has gone into how it would be financed without dipping my hands into public funds. Maybe, my experience of becoming a dynasty on my own would prevail with genuine intention without corruption.

You are young and there has been the clamour for a paradigm shift in the political affairs of the country. Do you have the backing of your generation in Lagos State?

I would say a “YES” and you would see the activities that my generation is now wiser after the EndSARS and know there is a need to take charge of their future and state. The current generation needs to retire and let the young vibrant youths take charge and build a fantastic society.

If elected, what will you bring to bear on the affairs of the state?

First is the creation of the super mega 21st century city by the active involvement of youths, employment creation and also, boosting the security to the next level which would hasten opportunities and rapid development, including foreign investors.

The project of Lagos State becoming a megacity would be created and sustained to create opportunities for our generation and those yet unborn. The waterways and canals would boost transportation, while tourism would become the backbone through sustainable tourism projects that would go far and wide across the globe.

Traffic is a major issue in Lagos State whereby so much manpower is lost daily. How will you tackle this challenge?

Traffic is a sign of a thriving and  surviving economy anywhere in the world. The blueprint to turn that around is already on the table. It would be implemented and the issue of traffic jam and gridlock would be a thing of the past.

Lagos is also riddled with security issues. Do you have alternative to what is going on in Lagos?

The current Lagos State chairman of my party, YPP, is a senior security expert and some of his security plans for Lagos and intensive training sessions, we do them together by deliberating on means and strategy for a safer Lagos that would promote 24 hours activities in the state. Securing Lagos is my number one agenda and that is exactly what I am going to do.

In terms of social amenities, do you have a manifesto that will effectively cater for the myriads of problems in Lagos State?

Social amenities are supposed to be the industry that would be the backbone of a sustainable economy of any state. I would champion investors in Lagos State. Lagos is blessed with mass land, water and air. All these would be explored and used to enhance infrastructure that would accommodate social amenities. We would bring in facilities that would be beneficial to both the old and young in Lagos State. We would now set a pace and standard for other states to follow being the Centre of Excellence.