Road to 2023: Competent president will transform Nigeria – AMORC Grandmaster

From Jude Chinedu, Enugu

The Grandmaster of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), Kenneth Idiodi, has said that Nigeria will attain the highest level of development with a competent president in 2023.

He advised that Nigerian leaders should no longer be chosen on the basis of zoning but on their level of education, intelligence and competence.

Idiodi who is the Grand master of AMORC in Nigeria and English-speaking West Africa also urged Nigerians to be more serious in their daily activities in order to build an economically resilient nation.

He said this during an interaction with journalists after he delivered a keynote address at the 46th Eastern Regional Rotational Conclave (ERRC) held in Enugu.

“What we call zoning makes room for incompetence and is one of the reasons why we have bad leaders. What we should be talking about is competence, not zoning.

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“If you take a man from Sokoto to the Olympics to represent Nigeria in Swimming just because you want to maintain what is called federal character and the man drowns, it is Nigeria that drowned. In the same way, if you pick a man from Enugu to represent Nigeria in Polo, the man will fail and it is Nigeria that failed.


“So people should be selected not because of where they are coming from but because of what they can offer. If there is a region that is good in leadership, it should not be a problem if they keep producing leaders so long as they move the nation forward.

Speaking on the keynote address with the theme “Leadership and Nation Building: The Rosicrucian Perspective”, Idiodi posited that if we work hard and get determined to succeed, Nigeria will be the next world destination just as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Idiodi further explained that AMORC is not a secret society but a body dedicated to the study and investigation of universal laws, adding that the understanding when these laws are applied, we attain good health, happiness and peace.