Primaries: INEC orders Imo PDP to settle for statutory delegates

cf pdp
cf pdp

From Fred Itua, Abuja

The crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State, has taken a new turn as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has ordered the party to use only statutory delegates for the conduct of all primary elections in the State.

INEC had earlier voided the conduct of the three-man adhoc delegates election of the party held on 30th April 2022 and a subsequent rescheduled congress held on 11th May.

In the latest twist, the Commission in a letter of 17th May, 2022 to the national chairman of PDP also voided the one-man delegate election conducted by the party as there were no original result sheets at any of the congress venues.

The Commission thereafter ordered the PDP in Imo State to conduct all primary elections using only statutory delegates as provided for in the PDP Constitution.

Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, an aspirant for the House of Representatives in his reaction, said INEC decision was a victory for Imo PDP and a commendable rescue from an impending catastrophic end as the Party would have used an illegal list of delegates to conduct primary election which would have led to the entire process being voided.


Ugochinyere also expressed sympathy with the over 900 adhoc delegates hopefuls in the state who have now lost the opportunity to participate in the primaries and vote to choose the candidates of the party. He further faulted the National Secretary of the Party Sen. Samuel Anyanwu of desperation and being the reason for the painful loss.

Thereafter, he called on the delegate hopefuls and stakeholders to hold the National Secretary responsible for the loss of chance to vote.

He said the “situation is a basket of mixed blessings as Imo PDP members can now sleep with both eyes closed as the desperate efforts to foist a fake delegates list on them have ended as INEC has mandated that all primaries in Imo State for the party should be conducted with only statutory delegates.”