Presidency: Fayemi vows to replicate Rwanda, Sri Lanka example to end insurgency, banditry

becde fayemi
becde fayemi

From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, Dr Kayode Fayemi, has promised to deploy the formula used in ending the internecine wars in Siera Leone, Liberia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka in resolving the escalating cases of insurgency and banditry in the country.

The Ekiti State Governor made the promise in a statement issued by Femi Ige, the spokesman of Kayode Fayemi Campain Organisation, after his visit to Kaduna state to seek the support of delegates ahead of presidential primary of the APC.

The APC frontline presidential aspirant spoke in support of Senator Shuaib Lawal’s call that Nigeria should elect someone with education, capacity and experience who can resolve the nation’s security problem.

Senator Lawal, who is one of the party leaders in Fayemi’s entourage, had told delegates about the capacity and qualities the Ekiti state governor possess.

Addressing the delegates, Fayemi said: “I am one of the few Nigerians with real time experience in resolving wars. I consulted for Nigeria under President Olusegun Obasanjo, I was involved in the resolution of the wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda and bringing the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka to the negotiation table.

“Besides that real time experience in war resolution, I have a Doctorate Degree in War Studies. If I can bring peace to other lands, why not my own country. Nigeria is facing a war situation that we can’t afford to put a neophyte in power, the repercussion is too ghastly to contemplate.

“I will spare no effort to ensure that we win the fight that must be fought with tenacity against insecurity, banditry, unemployment, poverty, inequality, threats of national disintegration, and lawlessness.


“To this end, working with other key leaders of the party, a detailed blueprint that has been developed with corresponding timelines of implementation will be employed to guide the speedy and accelerated retooling of key institutions of state, including the armed forces, the police service and the civil service,” he said.

Speaking further, the APC frontline presidential aspirant noted that in addition to the problem of insecurity; “are adverse domestic pressures and external shocks on the economy that have affected our quest massively to dent unemployment and overcome some of its deleterious effects on the populace, especially our teeming population of young people.

‘’I am especially committed to the facilitation of wealth and employment creation by and for our people, the expansion of our national social security and skills acquisition policies to enhance human development, the wholesale revamp of our national educational system to ensure it is fit for purpose, and the intensive fostering of measures aimed at expanding inclusivity for those who are objectively maginalised in the polity.

“In this regard, we owe it to ourselves and our people to ensure that our women, the youth, and people living with disability who represent some of our greatest national assets are judiciously developed and deployed for the good of our country,” Fayemi noted.