Politicians ‘ve messed up Nigeria greatness, God’s design-Ezeife

From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

Former Governor of old Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has lamented that Nigerian politicians have messed up God’s design for Nigeria as a country with unequal greatness.

Ezeife equally described Nigerian politicians as men and women of dead conscience responsible for the failure of the country and by extension the failure of all blacks in the world.

He spoke when Prince Adewole Adebayo, a Presidential hopeful on a Multi-Party Coalition for a New Nigerian with slogan #HopeAgain2023, led a delegation on a condolence visit to his house in Abuja on Wednesday.

Responding, Ezeife said: “I welcome you people to this compound. I am grateful to have you and even more grateful to listen to all of you. We have a good country because God gave us more than He gave any other country. No country has what we have.”

“However, we the men and some of the women in Nigeria politics messed up God’s design for unequal greatness and for a super power among nations. Yes, Nigerian politicians messed up the design but can the will of man dominate the will of God?

“So, be ready to receive a new Nigeria. Yes, it is not over for Nigeria because the country is not about to disintegrate but we have to go back to God and pray that He restores His oruginal plan for Nigeria.

“I have strong believe that with you the younger ones, I am very happy. Arewa Youth Federation visited me recently, I  was happy to listen to them because they spoke with conscience. The problem is that our political leaders do not have conscience. Conscience is completely dead in Nigerian politicians. And that is part of the problems confronting Nigeria today.

“Resurrection of conscience should be our other prayer point to God. If Nigerian politicians have conscience, we can bring back Nigeria to the country of our dream. We can still be a super power and can make all Africans, all blacks respected and have dignity. We ought to know that our failure is the failure of all blacks.

“If Nigerians have been doing well, the preaching in USA that black lives matter, would not have been necessary. Those that feel that we are not doing well should look at the waves American blacks are making and pulling their weights in every sphere of human endeavours including the frontiers of technology and science,” he said.

Earlier, Prince Adewole Adebayo, had described Ezeife as a nationalist and barometer to gauge our temperature of the country.

“Yes, we usually come to you for advice, but we are here today because even the strongest of men need condolences when they are bereaved. You have been a stabiliser to the leadership of this country. I saw a reflection of your in your children as you are coming of age. “You are a natural leader that reminds us of what a country should be. Late Mama, in her life time, made it possible for you to make all the contributions you have made towards making the country as a great one while you were the governor of Anambra State.


“The way you want to unite the country as a family shows that you mean well for this country. It was during your time that you made efforts to federalise some of the institutions in your State.

“Within the close to one year, you lasted in the office as governor, you laid a strong foundation for what Anambra State is enjoying today. You have been a shinning example for the country as a barometer to gauge our temperature.

“That is why we have to come to you in moments of grief like this. We will continue to rely on you for sense of direction as a nationalist who is also a leader of the Igbo people in Nigeria. The answer to Nigeria’s Centre of gravity is the centralisation of Igbo interest in Nigeria.

“You gave demonstrated that and has shown professional competency and solid reference for all of us in everything.

It is shocking that many of the problems you raised in your PhD thesis 50 years ago are still stubbornly disturbing the country,” he said.

Another member of the delegation, a Presidential aspirant in the 2019 election, Peter Ameh described Okwadike as the rallying point for the younger generations.

“Younger generation like us are inspired by your humility, commitment and sense of patriotism to the Nigeria project. It is a project you have pursued so much and I pray that you will see a prosperous and working Nigeria in your life time.

“You will see a Nigerian child that will beg to be able to go to school regardless of wherever they are born and that will not beg to be able to be part of the Nigerian project. My prayer is for God to grant you long life to see the actualization of the true Nigeria of our collective dreams.

“Our satisfaction is that the late Mama made useful contributions to your life which reflected on the life we saw you live. Our mission here is to commiserate with you. We prayer that you continue to remain strengthened,” he prayed.

Other eminent Nigerians that spoke include the former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Barr Solomon Dalung, Senator Ugochukwu Uba, among others.