Okagbare dares GB’s Olympic medalist over Times of London interview

fdbf okagbare x
fdbf okagbare x

By Monica Iheakam

Banned Nigerian sprinter, Blessing Okagabre, has called out former training group colleague, Daryll Neita of Great Britain, over her comments in an interview with the Times of London.

Nieta, a former member of the Florida set-up run by Rana Reider, who was coaching Okagbare before she was banned for 10 years, had in the interview described Okagbare as an athlete who stole from competitors and training partners.

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“The Blessing thing was just disgusting,” Neita told The Times of London.

“She didn’t just steal from competitors, she stole a lot from us — we saw her every day, at practice together, doing reps together.

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“Any athlete that has those kinds of thoughts or intentions to do that kind of thing should just quit now because this isn’t the space for you. And I feel like you always get caught in the end anyway.”

Reacting to the interview from Neita, Okagbare took to her facebook page to throw the gauntlet at the Tokyo 2020 Bronze medalist.

“I heard someone from GB was ranting… (With a grinning emoji). The day you see me, talk to me just to find out how that will go for you. Since social media/media has given so many people license to be delusional. Come and collect what I stole from you chump.”