Ogiso: How flood turned me to tenant — Retired Airforce Officer, Ogbogu

From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

A retired Air Force Officer, Flight Captain Ogbogu Francis, 70, yesterday, called on the Edo State government to expedite action and complete the drainage leading from Ogiso junction to the Ikpoba River to serve him and other landlords from abandoning their houses.

He made the call while speaking on the ongoing drainage works in the community.

Captain Ogbogu who abandoned his house due to the impact of massive flood in the community, said he is so happy over the ongoing construction works but his major worries at the moment is the alleged plan to end the work halfway.

“It is painful having a house of your own but still stay in rented apartment on account of government failure,” he said.

He said if the government had constructed the road leading to the area he wouldn’t have relocated to a rented apartment.

“He said, ” I am living in a rented apartment. I paid N200,000 rent annually and I have been staying in the rented apartment for five years now”

“I retired from the Nigeria Air Force as Flight Captain and I build the house so that after my pension I will have a roof over my head but I didn’t know I was heading for the worse,”

“Whenever it rain, we find it difficult to access the area because the whole flood will be deposited in the area.

He said on one of the occasion he left the house to allow the flood to subside before coming back, armed robbers broke into his house and stole some of his property.

According to him, when former governor Oshiomhole became the governor, he promised to construct the road but couldn’t do it till he completed his eight years tenure.

“I packed out of my house about five years ago, when it happened, I moved to barrack because they said when we have problem we can come to the barrack but when I got there, they said I have to pay money so I left,”

“I suffered many years in the military before I build my house and retired only to be thrown out by flood.

He said, “the only thing I have now is pension, a landlord become a tenant and I am suffering badly because the pension which I supposed to use for feeding now channel to paying house rent,”.

All my property were stolen by thieves and the house vandalised. Even if I am to go back to the house now, I will have to spend much money because many things have been vandalised.

He lamented that In the course of looking for the house to rent when it was obvious that government was not ready to solve the flood problem, his son stolen his N2.5 million and disappeared.

The retired officer, said he was happy that he would soon returned to his house when Obasski begins the construction of the Ogiso-Osunde road.

“Now, we are disappointed when the construction was aborted before it gets to our area and when it rained the other day everywhere was flooded because the whole water was deposited in our area,”.

He appealed to the state government to take the road construction to the road to river, adding “even if it is only the gutter they constructed to the river it would be good for us and I will come back home,”.