‘Obidient’ movement holds rally in Osun

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From Lateef Dada, Osogbo

Supporters of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), on Saturday held a rally at Ile-Ife, Osun State, saying that Nigeria needs an agile person to champion the course of a new government.

The coordinator of the movement, Olamide Awosile, who spoke to our correspondent during a March for A New Nigeria” rally posited that only a fresh and capable leader can lead Nigeria and rid it of all the problems it currently facing.

He described Obi as peoples’ choice, saying that Nigerians are tired of old politicians and it is time to have a new Nigeria.

Awosile encouraged Nigerians to join hands with the movement to bring in a new government that will be for all without discrimination.

“We must all work together for a new Nigeria and to do this, don’t collect money. Even if you collect money from them, it’s your money they stole and gave you back. Collect the money from them and vote for Peter Obi.”


He said the youths are ready to vote, saying “out of about 12 million registered voters, Nigeria youth took about 9 million. That means that Nigerians are ready for Peter Obi.

“We can not continue with the set of people who have taken Nigeria as their entitlement. People that feel Nigeria is their own continue to mismanage Nigeria. We are tired of them and also to let people know in the community that we now have a party that can deliver Nigeria from the mess we are in now.

“Nigerians have selected and rally around a leader, so it is not the usual practice where they will choose someone and enforce it on people.

“In this case now, Nigeria chose Peter Obi as their leader and they are sending their money to ensure that he becomes their leader. Peter Obi is the people’s choice, voice and he will never disappoint people.”