Not always the problem

A brother’s message to me reads, ‘’How does one stay motivated to rise each morning to pursue a passion through which he earns income, considering the depressing happenings in Nigeria?

“Why is it that when people who earned salaries lose their job, it becomes difficult for them to move out daily to generate income from another source? This is my current situation and it has led to untold challenges in the home front. How do you convince a man who is staring at age 50 and has no job, to stay motivated? I need motivation, please.”

It’s true that the reality in Nigeria is steadily making a mess of even those who should know better. However, I do advise people not to be ashamed of starting all over again and as many times as possible.

The first thing to do is to disregard your age. And any LOFTY ideas occasioned by the false sense of importance that our academic degrees are quick to bring to the fore. Then, throw away shame and pride. And face reality for what it is.

The reality is that you need to find a way to make ends meet. Don’t tempt fate by thinking your “home front” will stay patient and understanding indefinitely especially when no visible efforts are being made to turn the situation around.

The motivation you seek WILL NOT come from being cocooned at home all day and feeling sorry for yourself and blaming Nigeria. Go out there.

Make acquaintances with those who have their own business, that’s along your line of interest. Every morning, dress up and go offer your services and experience for FREE. You will also LEARN in the process. Don’t think of the money that you are not getting. Consider the sense of purpose it gives you to be part of a solution.

You may even make acquaintances along the line and then set up your own outfit. Expose yourself to more risks and problems in your area of career interest and be on your toes, thinking of solutions.


Life is never as grim as we make it but when we are down, it is hard to look ahead. The kind of motivation you need has to come from within, my brother. Nigeria may be disappointing now but people are still finding their feet also.

As a man, make as many acquaintances as you can make ESPECIALLY when it’s rosy for you. Being self-absorbed when the going is good is a costly mistake that a lot of men make all the time. Your fellow man is most positioned to give you the kind of lifting that will catapult you beyond your wildest imagination. Stop being self-absorbed. Make sacrifices for people. Stick out your neck for friends. Offer your help without seeking something in return.

The future is a bank, which is most mindful of deposits made into it. Men with STRONG social circles are never left alone in the cold. Many hands help cover their shame until they are on their feet. God doesn’t intend for a setback to be our ultimate end. When all this is over, pick the lessons and begin to do better. You must learn to give back.

Mentor young ones. Help the business of friends and associates survive, even when there is nothing in it for you. Don’t make money the be-all where you can help turn a situation around.

Nigeria is also where she is today because most of us have not nurtured the mindset of giving back to the system. You are down now for a reason. Your task is to find out what lessons life is trying so hard to bring to you. I bet you, this season will be over as soon as life has your attention on such matters.