No Bra Day: Tweeps hail breast cancer survivors

No Bra Day, marked every 13th of October annually, is a day set aside to create awareness on breast cancer and its prevalence.

In commemoration of the day, users celebrated and encouraged breast cancer survivors while some also created awareness about the condition.

However, some female tweeps also used the opportunity to share ‘braless’ pictures of themselves, to the excitement of many and the disapproval of a few.

The history of No Bra Day involves women who have been through a battle with breast cancer and may have had a breast or both breasts removed.

Often, they have to wear a prosthesis to conceal their condition and are unable to go without a bra as a result.

No Bra Day presents an avenue for them to shamelessly show off their ‘mark’ of survival, even as October is known as a breast cancer awareness month.

Twitter users mark No Bra Day

#NoBraDay has topped the Twitter trends from Wednesday to Thursday, as users are actively posting about breast cancer awareness and its survivors.

Hailing survivors, @dreamy_palettes, said, “Here for all the ladies who are survivors and fighters of breast cancer, for my grandma who fought and beat it, I support you”


“To the warriors, survivors and those who passed on due to breast cancer, the world sees you, loves you, recognizes your struggles and wishes you blessings. To those sexualizing such a serious situation, well, you know no better, obviously,” @bujlife tweeted.

Sending love to survivors, @esisika6 said, “May all breast cancer survivors have happiness and strength and I wish those going through it the best of luck. May you get all the strength you need.

A tweep, @ahamadegr8, said, “#NoBraday is a day set aside for creating awareness about breast cancer. It’s not a day to show us your boobs. Let’s be carefully guided. Some people are always looking for a way to jump into anything that involves nudity.”

Another tweep, @iam_bigosas, said, “Happy #NoBraDay. Don’t wear bras to class please, If you’re already at work or in class kindly remove it. We encourage women to go out without their bras to raise awareness for breast cancer and also to spot early signs and get an edge in the fight against cancer.”

“To all victims, survivors, & fighters, we support you in the fight against breast cancer,” @platteviewgc tweeted.