Nigeria’s war against insecurity will fail, if sponsors are not uprooted – Cleric

dbcd prophet sunday iyunade x
dbcd prophet sunday iyunade x

From Laide Raheem, Abeokuta

An Ogun State-based cleric, Prophet Sunday Iyunade, has declared that the war against insurgency, banditry and other forms of insecurity ravaging Nigeria would be difficult to win if the ‘architects and sponsors’ of the menace are still in the corridor of power.

Iyuuade, who is the president, Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries, Ijebu Ode, insisted that insecurity may become a permanent feature on the national fabric if the incumbent administration in the country failed to sincerely identify and uproot sponsors and promoters of terrorism, banditry and kidnapping.

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The cleric stated these during a press conference to commemorate the 26th Anniversary and 20th Annual Convention of the church.

Iyunade maintained that until the sponsors of insecurity leave before Nigeria can be free from it.

‘Insecurity in the nation will persist as the architects and sponsors of insecurity are still on the ground. Unless they leave, insecurity can not be combated. Insecurity is an instrument in the hands of some politicians,’ he said.

While accusing the political class of contributing to the challenges of insecurity bedevilling the country, the cleric called for the withdrawal of security operatives attached to VIPs and politicians, arguing that, ‘Nigeria will not be safe until politicians no longer feel secured.’


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He, however, lamented that democracy had been bastardised in Nigeria and only Nigerians, especially Christians with integrity can cleanse the system.

He charged the church to sensitise their members on the need to actively participate in the electioneering process, saying, ‘Nigeria is in dire need of Christian leaders of high integrity.’

The cleric further noted that the forthcoming 2023 election would amount to a waste of insufficient and unavailable resources if the election fails to produce the right set of leaders.

‘Christians are running away from politics because they think it is a dirty game. It is the role of the church to sensitise and encourage their members to actively participate in politics.

‘Christians are not up to 5 per cent of those in politics. The church must wake up to its responsibility; they must raise Christians with an untainted character who will rescue Nigeria from the doom we are heading to.

‘The church must also mobilise their members towards nation-building. The democratic system has been bastardised by the people in power, they have destroyed our democracy and until Christians with integrity join politics, things will remain the same,’ Iyunade submitted.