Nigeria’s  problems compounded by financial illiterate leaders – Udom

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Akwa Ibom State governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel has lamented that Nigeria’s  economic problems have been compounded by the simple fact that the nation has been ruled by people with little or no  financial management savvy.

Speaking while receiving the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential nomination form purchased and  presented to him by the Human Rights Radio, producers of the popular national radio/TV programme, Brekete Family Show, in Government House Uyo, yesterday, Emmanuel  said Nigeria at the moment needs leaders with capacity, sincerity of purpose, selflessness and readiness to make sacrifices.

“Money is a principal thing. Nigeria today needs someone who understands money. It is unfortunate that if we are looking for an MD of a particular company, the CV we seek, spans 3-4 pages, but when we are looking for a president of the country, based on the constitution, all we need is WAEC, no experience.”

The governor lamented that a premium is not paid to the leader in whose hands lie the destiny of over 200 million people, as it is done for a managing director of a company that had only few shareholders and stakeholders.

He stressed that certain things needed to be corrected in 2023, so that the country can move forward.

He reminded them of the importance of God in the business of leadership, and expressed the hope that the group had sought the consent of God before embarking on the venture.

Emmanuel thanked the founder of the organization, Mr Ahmed Isah and his team as well as all Nigerians who contributed towards the purchase of the form.

“Honestly when I heard this plan to buy me a presidential nomination form was going on, I asked myself, how can they raise up to N40 million to go and buy me a form?”

“But today it has become a reality. There are over 200 million Nigerians, but you choose to accord me this honour and privilege, and I don’t take this for granted. I really want to appreciate this family, I register my appreciation to all Nigerians, for this confidence.I want to assure Nigerians who have this faith and trust in our capacity.” The governor said.

He explained that whatever he has achieved in Akwa Ibom State at the moment  had been with the support of his people, and expressed that whatever success could be attained in Nigeria should be achieved collectively.


expressing his delight at the presentation of the form to him, Emmanuel said he accepted it because “all Nigerians cannot come together to give me something and I refuse,” adding that anyone with the experience of running a state in Nigeria for eight years can pilot the affairs of the country.

Speaking at the presentation, the leader of the delegation, Mr Innocent Orji said although Governor Emmanuel was not the only one hosted on their programme,but that after they came to Akwa Ibom and discovered more than what they had heard from the governor on their interview programme.

“We all agreed that if you can do these in a State, if given that opportunity, you will do even better in the national level.”

Orji, also known as Scaffold,  said, “We don’t believe in too much talk, so here today we are presenting to you the nomination form for presidential candidate of your party.”

Also speaking, a member of the delegation and former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Buhari Bala said the Brekete Family crew who had interviewed the Governor in a live studio programme in January, came to Akwa Ibom for three days, only to witness even more projects than the Governor had disclosed to them.

“After that programme, the Brekete Family sent in a delegation to Akwa Ibom State. They spent about  three days here and sent in a report, and what in that report, they said what they found on ground was more than what you told them during the live programme.”

“For that reason, a decision was taken by the family, that when the time comes, they will contribute money and purchase a form for you to contest the President of Nigeria. And true to their words, when the PDP started selling forms, they went there and surprisingly paid and collected the forms.”  Bala said