Nigerians’ll not vote for APC in 2023 –Abdul Ibrahim

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By Sunday Ani

In this interview with Journalists, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and a grassroots politician, Alhaji Abdul Ibrahim, said Nigerians would vote out the All Progressives Congress(APC) in 2023. He spoke on various issues including his ambition to represent Misau/ Dambam Federal Constituency in the next political dispensation.

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Why do you want to run for the House of Representatives seat for Misau/Dallas Federal Constituency?

First of all, my name is Abdul Ibrahim and was born in Akuyam in Misau Local government of Bauchi State Nigeria.

My major concern for running or seeking for the seat to represent my people at the Federal level is purely because of the many gaps that exist now in my Constituency in the area of quality representation.

One is that we have so many youths who have graduated from secondary school, and universities without any job or business to earn a living. So, employment is a major problem in my area, so I need to help to fight the battle for my people through quality representation at the House of Representatives.

As an elected member, I will do my best to secure employment for the youths if the opportunity comes and also create youths empowerment programmes to alleviate the pains of unemployment..

I think as a representative of the people, I should be able to introduce empowerment programmes to engage our youths so that they can sustain themselves.

And in my area, there are a lot of projects that need the Federal Government attention but because of lack of quality representation, my people are not benefitting anything. So, if I am elected, I will do my best to lobby for the interest of my people.

And so if I am there to represent my people by the grace of God, I will do my best to address critical issues affecting my people by lobbying because democracy is all about lobbying.

How far have you gone to actualise this your dream of becoming a member of the House of Representatives?

Well, I have declared my intention of interest to the necessary authority in my area and I am getting the necessary support from the youths, and all nooks and cranny of Misau/ Dambam Constituency.

I am getting the support of the youth, young, women and old of my area in Misau and Dambam. And also, I have sat down and interacted with my people and the party leadership in the Constituency to show my interest of contesting.


And now, we are waiting for the party to release that date and guidelines for the sale and purchase of form to prepare for the primary.

How will you rate the performance of PDP in Bauchi State in the last three years?

For me and majority of the people in Bauchi State, I will rate the performance of His Excellency, Bala Mohammed very high because he has touched almost every sector in the state including health, education and infrastructural development.

In my village, we have been suffering from bad roads for many years now but this government under the able leadership of His Excellency, Bala Mohammed has taken care of it to the joy of the people.

And again, if you go inside Bauchi town, you will see massive infrastructural development going on in almost every corner which is first of its kind in the state and very commendable. And also the health and educational sector has received massive support and improvement under this administration which is very commendable.

What would you say are the major achievements of this government?

You see, before this government came into power, a lot of hospitals were in a very bad condition, but now you will see renovation work going on in every local government in hospitals, schools, and roads. And I can tell you, people are very happy with the job the governor is doing.

Insecurity in the country has become a viable business for some, including highly placed people; we now have crises entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Do you think it is possible to overcome the ugly trend?

Yes, I can say it is possible to overcome if our government shows enough commitments and zeal to battle the menace, but the APC-led Federal Government is not showing much zeal to confront it quickly.

Finally, what are the chances of PDP winning the next general election in Bauchi State and the country?

The PDP has a very good chance to win the forthcoming general election in Bauchi State and the country. APC has failed Nigerians.

In Bauchi State, the governor has done well for the party to retain the governorship seat, and at the federal level, the PDP will win because APC has failed Nigeria in a very bad way.

Is it security or what? You cannot sleep in most states in the country with your two eyes closed. It is too bad.

I am very sure Nigerians will vote out APC out of power at the federal level in 2023.