Nigerians urged to brace peace, unity, love

In commemoration of this year’s International Day of Peace, Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN), and Rotary Club, have urged Nigerians to allow peace, love and unity take the centre of their lives. 

The Nongovernmental Organizations in partnership with the Taekwondo Federation embarked on tree planting with signifies the 8 Pillars of Peace, yesterday in Abuja.

The event had the theme: “Recovery Better for a Sustainable and Equitable World.”

In his opening addressing, PCN Founder, Professor Dickson Akoh, further implored the youth whom he called the future leaders of Nigeria, not to allow anger to push them into crime or violence.

He said: “COVID-19 has defined one thing that we share in common which is love. I believe that no community was spared when there was lockdown.

“The theme which is ‘Recovery for a better Sustainable and Equitable World’ is to show that the whole world is a global community.

“So, for us to have peace, we need to sow the seed of peace. We should not just celebrate peace and go back to the background or incidences of violence and killings everywhere.

“These are things that distort peace in the society. We need to embrace the culture of peace, live peacefully with each other devoid of any sentiment.


“The moment we commence that from our neighborhood it will spread to society, local governments, states, nation and the international community.

“Therefore, as Nigerians who come from different backgrounds, associations, we need to identify with the United Nations and preach peace knowing that we are all one people under God. We need to strife towards peace in all of our undertaking

On his part, Rotary Club Ex-President Roy-Stans, explained that the tress planting symbolizes the 8 pillars of peaceful coexistence.

According to him, “Planting of tress symbolizes the eight pillars of positive peace. And the 8 pillars are what guide the nation.

“So, it has different meaning and symbols from a well functional government to a sound business environment down to a low level of corruption.

“We can only commend the government and partner with them because peace starts with us. So, if you do better in peace building then our neighbours will do same.”