#NigeriaElection2023: INEC officials improvise with biro as ink finishes

daa biro x
daa biro x

Ad-hoc officials conducting elections at the Polling Unit 047, Kubwa Primary Cchool, Abuja have lamented the lack of ink to use for elections.

The Presiding Officer, Kingsley Onuche, who spoke to The PUNCH, said that they were given two packs of inks for the 750 accredited voters in the polling unit.

The PUNCH also learnt that about 150 out of the 750 had voted at the time of filing this report.

Onuche said, “We were given two packs of inks and it has finished. We had to pour biro ink into the ink pad to enable voters exercise their franchise.”

The Presiding Officer also added that the voters had volunteered to use their money to buy ink.

He said, “The voters have gone to get the ink so that they can successfully vote in the 2023 elections.”

Onuche further added that the turnout of the voters was impressive.