Nigeria at 62: APC has scored zero in all sectors

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The Labour Party has bemoaned the state of the country as Nigeria marks 62 years of independence, stating that the All Progressive Congress (APC) has failed in every sector of governance.

LP said this in a statement signed by its national publicity secretary, Arabambi Abayomi at the weekend.

“The Buhari-led APC administration by its cluelessness, greed divisiveness, corruption and gross incompetence has successfully put Nigeria on auction at 62 years: thus nothing to celebrate
The calamity and great misfortune of voting APC into Governance of the Country gave the APC the opportunity to put the Country on auction by its corrupt, inept, terribly inadequate, inefficient and grossly irresponsible Governance.

“In all considerations, the Country has absolutely nothing to celebrate on, rather a larger part of the over – tressed population are gnashing their teeth as they struggle to exist among various loads of avoidable sufferings .

“In practically all and in every sector of National Governance the APC has scored zero. Yes, zero.

“In the last seven years of APC’s Government, not a single sector scored any form of improvement but rather it has been solely records of total failure.

“In Security, Zero. In Education, Zero, Health scored zero. In fact, it is not necessary to keep naming all because there is just no single sector that hasn’t been recording failure.

“Notwithstanding and in spite of Nigeria, beyond any reasonable doubt being naturally marked as the most endowed in Africa with a population over 200million blessed with richness naturally, a Nation blessed with very great potentials in human capital, Nigeria has upon all of these been led by the APC into becoming very dead in morality, dead in every socio-economic, political consideration, dead on the environmental scale and finally led into being considered a Nation now tottering on the edge of bankruptcy, just a step away from becoming a failed nation.”

The party advised the Nigerian Voting Public to use this moment, reality and truth to reflect on the need to send the APC Government out of office in the forthcoming elections.

“At a moment like this, it is the patriotic duty of all responsible citizens in or outside the Country to be highly concerned enough and join the ongoing and wide efforts at trying to save Nigeria by collective and honest cooperation. To remove the political Cancer called APC must become a joint struggle of all Nigerians so by the 2023 polls remove APC from power and vote in a new and trustable party to lead the Country into a better Nigeria with a focus on how to make Nigeria one of the best Nations in the World.

“By divine intervention, a greatly qualified, healthy and committed younger Presidential ticket from LP is in the 2023 race to the Presidency, this is the popular Obi/Datti ticket.

“This makes it very easy to make a profitable and right choice by voting massively for Obi / Datti at the 2023 election. This is the most acceptable, unsoiled and very highly favoured choice on offer among the other sickly, ancient – old, certified treasury thieves and by general consensus, very unfit and dangerously dangerous candidates.

“The inadequacies of the APC Government reflects in the current harrowing insecurity in the Nation and the economy. For instance, the APC has all over its tenure been very busy raising the bar of corrupt practices in the oil sector under the guise of oil subsidy. Again, it is clear that estimation put the equivalent of the volume of gas flared up in the first half of 2022 to carbon dioxide (Co2) emission of 6.7 million tons in the oil-producing areas,4.56 per cent higher than the 120. 5 billion Standard Cubit Feet of gas flared in the second half of 2021 and capable of generating 12,600 gigawatts hours of electricity.


“Nigeria is endowed with large oil, gas, hydro and solar resources, and it has the potential to generate 12,522 MW of electric power from existing plants. On most days, however, it is only able to dispatch around 4,000 MW, which is insufficient for a country of over 195 million

“Let us again take a look at the colossal avoidable disadvantages and loss the APC Government got acquired for the Nation in the mismanagement and corruption laden failure about the refineries. If the APC Government did the needful by linking the flared gas to the Nation’s refineries after the necessary needed development and improvement of these refineries, this attendant waste and revenue loss could have been averted.

“The estimated equivalent of the volume of gas that got fared in the first half of 2022 at 6.7m tons in the oil-producing areas, which is 4.56 % higher than the 120bn SCF of gas flared in the 2nd half of 2021 that is capable of generating 12,600 gigawatts electricity

“On the other hand, the quantity of flared gas in the first six months of 2021 could generate 14,000 gigawatt – hours of electricity and equivalent to 7.4million tonnes of CO2 emission. By official account, the break down of the gas flared in the Country in the 1st 6 months of the year 2022, it is disclosed that while companies in the offshore operations flared 62.2 bn Standard Cubit Feet gas, companies operating onshore flared 63.9 bn SCF of gas, valued at $223.6 million.

“The APC unrepentantly continue to defraud the Nation through the same old PDP vague claims of unverified oil subsidy payments. The Buhari-led APC Government lied that Nigeria consumes in every one day 34m ltrs of petrol as if all indices attached to the purchase of PMS are fixed. The crying question is “is it possible for a 70ltrs private car that has been fully filled up at a petrol station to again buy another 70ltrs of petrol the second day?

“Again, another ugliness is on the quantity of crude oil exported to be refined against the quantity brought back that informed the corrupt and fraudulent oil subsidy claims over the years.

Vote LP for a prosperous future and consciously refuse to exchange your vote for money. Your vote is the key with which the door to security, productive economy, peace and freedom can be earned, vote wisely and vote rightly for Obi/Datti in LP acknowledged for unshakable commitment to equity, fair play and justice that are the main ingredients for a good and people friendly governance.”