Nashville Police nab 14-yr-old boy for stealing school bus

cc nashville
cc nashville

The Metro Nashville Police Department has arrested an unidentified Nashville teenager for stealing a school bus, in an attempt to run over a person at a service station.

The boy, 14-year-old took the bus from Kipp College Prep in an Antioch neighbourhood and went on a reckless ride in West Nashville on Saturday, around 4 pm.

According to Metro Nashville Police Department, he made his way to a gas station where he ran into a diesel fuel pump in a futile attempt to run over a pedestrian.

However, his intention was unclear when police started chasing him, but he went on to strike another car while on the I-40 west.

Eventually, officers were able to slow down the bus, break the windows and use a taser on the teenager.

He was taken into custody and charged with evading arrest, vehicle theft, reckless driving, aggravated assault, leaving the scene of a crash, driving without a license and failure to report a crash.

The teenager whose name has not been released was booked into juvenile detention.