NASFAT sends message to victims of sexual assault


The Nasrul-llahi-l-Fatih Society (NASFAT) on Sunday said that the mission had opened a 24-hour hotline for people who have been sexually assaulted to report such abuse.

The mission’s Women Affairs Secretary, Alhaja Suwebat Kupolati, disclosed this while speaking with journalists during the official opening of NASFAT Women’s Week at the Lagos Secretariat Mosque.

She said that women had the right to report to relevant authorities if they had been sexually assaulted.

According to her, the NASFAT 24-hour hotline to report sexual harassment is 07048115092.

Kupolati, therefore, urged women who were being sexually assaulted to speak out.

She added that NASFAT had also partnered with UNICEF regarding sexual violence while emphasising that a series of campaigns had been carried out to educate women on sexual harassment.

“We have our hotlines for people most especially women to call if they have been sexually assaulted,” she said.

According to her, the theme of NASFAT Women’s Week is: ’Muslimah: Striving and thriving in the midst of the pandemic’.

“Today we are celebrating the elders and the widows.

“Fasting would be observed tomorrow and we will be visiting the hospitals, orphanages and correctional centers,” she said.

She added that about 400 persons who had been trained in various vocational skills would graduate during the weeklong programme.