My wife’s family told her not to marry me because of boxing –Olagbade

I will call myself a fashionista because I love looking good anytime I step out of the house even when I wear my training gear or go to the gym, I’m always conscious of what I look like. Another thing is that I love wearing labels like Gucci. I don’t just buy anything. It must have a certain quality from my cap to footwear.

(Laughs) Few months before I came back from the United Kingdom, I met a fan and he was wearing dreadlocks and I loved and admired the way it looked. Ordinarily, I wear my hair like that of Mike Tyson or I shave everything but the moment I returned, I decided to try on the dreadlock and I instantly liked it. My wife likes it as well so I decided to leave it on and everyone says it fits my looks.

I love tattoos and I have two on my body. When I went to the UK, all the Nigerian boxers in the gym I used have tattoos. One of the guys in the gym has a tattoo parlour and he told me that whenever I wanted a tattoo, I should just walk in and get one for free. So I went and I got two in my right and left arm.

On my right arm, I wrote Tyson and on my left, I drew a picture of the Holy Mary.

Actually, I don’t attend parties and the reason why I don’t is that I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t womanise. Since those things are not in my DNA, going to parties just doesn’t go well with me. The only thing I like is to eat.

When I get invited to parties, the only thing I do there is to eat and my wife cooks for me and I eat so why do I need parties.

My favourite meal is bread and beans. I can eat it all day but when I was in the UK, I could not eat it so I ate anything I was given and I had to adapt. The only kind of beans I ate was baked beans. When you travel out, you need to understand the culture of that place and live by it. It is not easy but you have to cope. The food I don’t like is chicken but when I was in the UK, I had to eat it.


The truth is that you can’t predict the sport your children will fall in love with and you as a parent can’t force your sport on them. My first son loves to play football and he has no interest at all in boxing and I totally support his decision. You have to let them follow their path and encourage them.

My brand of music is Fuji and my favourite artiste is Wasiu Alabi ‘Pasuma’, I can listen to his songs all day. I love listening to R Kelly anytime I feel like listening to RnB or any foreign music.

I would have been a table tennis player. I was really good at it as a young man but I didn’t take it to the professional level but I was a really good table tennis player. Aside from boxing, I am a policeman and I love the job.

I met my wife years back, it is a very long story. We were both very young. We started as friends and later on, we developed feelings for each other after being together for a long time. Today we have kids and we are doing very well.

Before things changed for me and I became known as a boxer, my wife’s family at the time didn’t know my vision. They believed their daughter has been following a boxer who has no plans for the future because back then I looked rugged and rough and they didn’t want her to marry me but she was very in love with me and she told them she was going to be with me no matter what they said.

My inlaws will call my wife telling her not to go out with me anymore that I was a boxer and didn’t have a bright future but she didn’t listen to them and today we’re both happy. Today, everyone has fallen in line and they are also very happy she didn’t listen to them.