Music affected my marriage –Tracy Tolota, US-based Nigerian

By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

US-based Nigerian gospel music minister, Tracy Tolota continues to make waves with her sophomore album, Heaven’s Sound released a few months ago.

Beaming with smiles, she assured that the song will draw listeners to heaven, apart from thrilling them in the most awesome way.

Tolota, who also specialises in prophetic worship music, asserted that she has come to stay in the music industry. Here, she narrates her rise to stardom story. Enjoy it.

How did your journey into gospel music begin?

I started my music career in the church, as a chorister. I joined the choir when I was like 9-years-old but I ventured into gospel music when I started receiving songs from God. I knew I was given a message and I needed to deliver them. I am into music because God gives me songs from the scriptures. I get inspired and I need to walk in obedience.

What distinguishes you from other artistes?

I am a prophetic worshipper; this is a unique grace that distinguishes me from other artistes. Many people are into music because they can sing, or just want to entertain the body, but I was given songs over the years and I needed to deliver them to the body of Christ. 

Does that mean you will be doing more of the fast-paced songs?

Yes, my songs are both fast and slow-paced. I do all kinds of songs. Looking at my album content, apart from songs directly given to me by the Holy Spirit, I also wrote some songs. So, my album is a mix of reggae, gospel, Afro, soft rock etc.

Is Sound of Heaven your first song?

Heaven’s Sound is my second album, a sophomore with 10 powerful tracks. I worked with great producers like Sunny Pee who produced the song, Ekuweme; Darlington Otti, Sele Bobo, Magical Andi, and Ubi Franklin, who handled the A&R.

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For you, is music a calling or a career choice?

For me, music is a calling; it is not a career. Although, we always have the business side to gospel music ministry, this is all good for me. I have a separate career. Jesus is my motivation. He is the reason why I sing. Take Jesus out of it, I will stop singing, seriously!

Can you feature a secular artiste in your songs?

I can feature anyone in my music but I have to be intentional about their soul, and my intention has to align with the word of God. Some people just want to blow so they bring in secular art. If your intentions are right, then why not?


Some artistes started out doing gospel and along the line, they got distracted and started doing other kinds of music. How do you intend to remain on the path you’ve chosen for yourself?

I will keep singing for Jesus. My message is the gospel of Jesus; my motivation is Jesus, if our focus and reason for singing is him, we will not deviate. There is nothing out there, Jesus is my strength, my joy, my fulfillment, and the testimonies that come with these are overwhelming.

Could you share some of those moments when you felt like giving up?

Creating balance between marriage, family and ministry was not easy. Also, submitting to my husband and being obedient to God… But then, God blessed my walk with Him in the music ministry. When I newly got into ministry, I neglected my family a lot of times because ministry can be overwhelming; it affected my marriage and I was almost quitting. I cannot minister to the world without first ministering to my family; you can’t give what you don’t have. I have to continuously create a balance, remembering the vow of marriage and my commitment to ministry. God rewarded me; my family is now my greatest support.

If you were invited to perform in a club, would you go?

I will prayerfully go and minister with the intention of winning souls. Church walls cannot limit us. Christ preached in the synagogue but most times he was in the streets…  Jesus ate with the sinners. We cannot just recycle gospel in the church alone. We must go into the world and preach the good news, deliver people from bondage, and bring them to God.

Besides doing music, do you hope to do other forms of entertainment in the future?

I do not hope to go into any other form of entertainment unless God leads me; if it’s not about him, I just don’t have the passion.